Keylin Masis & Carolina Caamaño Achieve Diamond Rank In Their First Month At Zeta Group

Keylin Masis and Carolina Caamaño are successful businesswomen, financial analysts, partners, and great friends who have been building a great success story together for more than 6 years.

Keylin, is internationally recognized for dominating the industry of the new technological Era.

She has more than 8 years of experience in business management, finance and economics, expertise that she has been able to use to reach Diamond rank at Zeta Group in less than 4 weeks and reach a turnover of USD 40,000 per month.

Carolina is a professional in finance and a financial analyst, with more than 4 years of experience in the business sector, she decided to undertake in the network marketing industry and today she is making history, in her first month with Zeta Group, reaching the Diamond rank, she joins the exclusive list of leaders who are building this 4.0 revolution.

Keylin Masis

In 2018 Keylin decides to venture into the world of fashion with her own design brand, while Carolina takes a step into the jewellery sector by creating a jewellery company.

However, over time they had to overcome different economic challenges, leading them to seek different ways to generate new income.

At this time, they decide to undertake in the world of network marketing with the help of their friend and mentor Allan Badilla, who after a call showed them the opportunity to be part of the industry in ZETA.

“There sitting at the table in the house of our mentors, we met ZETA GROUP, when it was just a dream, an idea, a vision.

To be part of a hope for the industry, to be part of a real ecosystem made by people who they love people”


Keylin and Carolina discover an industry capable of promoting the purpose of their lives and that of thousands of people globally.

Since then, they have turned this profession into their passion, generating great results to transform and impact the economic, mental and emotional sphere of their team.

“We can create empires, visualize, transform, impact the world, support our families and be financially independent through a digital franchise and from anywhere in the world, with a company like ZETA GROUP, we feel supported in the long term”

says Carolina.

Together, they became Diamonds in just 30 days, one of the highest ranks in the Zeta Group company, this achievement drives them to continue growing in the industry and continue impacting the lives of those who want real changes in their finances by being part of the revolution 4.0.

“This is just the beginning of the global expansion of successful representation in the industry, we are changing lives,”

says Keylin.

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