MLM Blacklist – Tanya Jennings Cash FX – Cease and Desist?

Business For Home received a cease and desist letter from Tanya Jennings an australian citizen and promoter for Cash FX, a Ponzi scheme established in Panama, South America.

As a mature internet marketer she should know she is involved in a Ponzi. For that reason she was placed on our infamous MLM Blacklist.

For an analysis of the Ponzi payments and Tanya’s involvement please see this Facebook group.

As an ASIC alert,  Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator.

As YouTuber Spencer Cornelia coverage (211,000 views):

The letter Tanya Jennings send on 8 July 2022:


“Attention Mr Nuyten,

It has come to our attention that has made false comments regarding Tanya Jennings, listing her on the MLM Blacklist –

Tanya is an affiliate marketer for various software and has her own course helping hundreds of people earn online and grow their businesses organically. Visit

Cash FX is only the second MLM Tanya has ever been involved with in her decade online and is no longer actively promoting the program. Regardless Cash FX group is a decentralised program there is no evidence stating it is a “ponzi”.

Your statement is false and are a serious defamation to Tanya Jennings, causing personal injury. They are in contravention of the defamation legislation in every state and territory in Australia and the common law in Australia.

This defamation also constitutes a criminal act under Title XVI (Defamation) Articles 261 of the Dutch Penal Code (Dutch Law) of which you operate.

We demand that you cease and desist from the comments relating to Tanya Jennings within 7 days from receipt of this email.

  1. Cease and desist any further publication either written or virtual of false malicious statements toward Tanya Jennings.
  2. Remove Tanya Jennings name and all current and future reference to her from blog article/website page and reference

If action is not taken by you to cease and desist within the given time frame of 7 days above. Action will be taken as advised in order to protect the rights of Tanya Jennings, without limitation, legal action for injunctive relief or to recover damages without further notice to you.

Sincerly, Tany Jennings

Our official answer on her request: NO.

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