Enrique Salazar From Mexico Achieves Black Diamond Rank At DECENTRA

Enrique Salazar, from Mexico, is in the spotlight with his new achieved rank of Black Diamond.

12 years ago, Enrique was starting out in the network marketing business with an opportunity at a nutrition and wellness company. He admits that already back then, it was particularly the rank of Black Diamond that everybody wanted to achieve, so he made it his goal as well. Now, Enrique can finally celebrate his longed-for dream.

“Yes, when I started in the industry, Black Diamond was the iconic rank to achieve. And I’m here at last. It hasn’t been much time before I got this rank, but it is the result of the effort, work, trust and faith of my team and our community.

You need perseverance and focus in order to be able to get here, but once achieved, it’s not only one of the most joyful moments, but also a moment of inspiration for the team because it proves that it can be done.”

Enrique is advancing ranks in almost no time, so we wonder in what way he was able to achieve his goals.

“What I have learned in this business over 12 years is that there is no magical secret to success known by a few. Everybody can do it, but they must train their mind. You need consistency, perseverance and an excellent positive attitude, regardless if you have experience or not, as well as understand that success takes time.

I have always had this fervent desire in my heart and faith in myself. Working on your mind every day and mastering it allows you to unblock paradigms and get rid of fears that you have in your subconsciousness that don’t allow you to act in the right way.”

Enrique talks to us about the importance of union as the moving force in the network marketing business, where all the members of the team leverage each other. Finally, Enrique leaves us a message of inspiration:

“If you have a dream and a very big goal, never stop believing in yourself and that you will achieve it. Because God gave you the ability to create everything your mind can conceive. Never give up and never allow others to destroy your dreams.”

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