How To Build Your MLM Business On Social Media

Recently we featured a number of Social Media Champs on our website.

This is what 3 top producers said and maybe you should follow them for the right strategies 🙂 An other great generic coach is Frazer Brookes.

Holly Lynn – 103,000 followers on Facebook said:

“I couldn’t be more honored to be sharing the spot light with these professional network marketers.

I landed a spot because I have almost 300,000 followers, I personally have sold $1.5 million in just over a year, I personally enroll 20-30 new members monthly and nothin is stop me now.

All of this is possible because of the systems I have in place for my team and I. The leadership and training I offer, so anyone can win. Plus being partnered with one of the fast growing global companies in the world.

If your partnered with a company or team who is not teaching you the “new way“ of doing social media, then you are losing 100s of dollars daily.

This wave of social influencing is just getting started! You need to get started now or you’ll be light years behind.

I am down to help leaders level up and bring their entire team to a whole new level of success.

Stop watching your checks decrease and you team drop like flies.

I have magic in my hands. And I know I’ll be coaching multiple people on how to build million dollar teams in 2022-2023.”

Tara Ann with 42,000 followers on Facebook said:

It’s such an honor Ted Nuyten considered me to be one of the top social media NWM influencers in the world.

So here’s the deal… I have NEVER once met up with anyone or held ANY offline business. I’ve never done a vendor type event. I’ve never build my business ”in person.”

I guess I never really realized how crazy that is.

I don’t really do a lot of phone calls. I also don’t do a lot of zooms. I am just me, and I do what fits for myself & my people. If you know me I go to bed at 730.

I am proof you can achieve something without the standard pressure from your upline to do “3 way calls” & zooms non stop.

Look, I told myself I could build a social media presence 7 years ago. I caught a vision & 7 years later I’ve produced teams producing multi million dollar sales a year by never doing anything over the top.

I’m pretty excited to even be considered. This gives me hope to keeping moving forward & know that I have impacted lives for the better.

Thanks for all the support over the years, my reels followers & all the OGs that have watched me for so long!

Brittany Jean Gardner said:

“Absolutely honored to be featured in Business For

This 28 years old, small town farm girl, in the poorest state down south in the USA and major introvert.

  • I’ve built my entire network online.
  • I don’t do events.
  • I don’t do parties.
  • I don’t do calls.
  • I don’t do cold messaging.
  • I don’t do “make a post for me” messages.

The only zooms you’ll find me on is team trainings and it won’t be crazy hours of the day. I’ve built everything online through lifestyle and branding.

I’ve connected with so many through social media by sharing my daily life and finding my tribe some of my closest friends have been made through social media.

It’s like the song goes…. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE 🎶🎶 how lucky are we to live in a time where you can make an income online and profit through social media.

Grateful for all of the connections I’ve made over the last 7 years”

If your company do not allow you to promote your business of Social Media, it could cost you a fortune…

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