Juice Plus+ Announces Global Rebrand

Juice Plus+, a global health and wellness company, is announcing its biggest rebrand since Juice Plus+ was launched in 1993.

As it hopes to share its mission – Inspire Healthy Living Around the World – with more people, the decision to rebrand represents adapting to the constantly changing world. Juice Plus+ has set its sights on becoming the #1 global direct sales company in plant-based nutrition.

The global wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, currently valued at $4.4 trillion USD. With the ambition of making healthy living easier, Juice Plus+ is thriving with new product development and innovation. With last year’s launch of Juice Plus+ Perform, a protein-based performance shake, and the introduction of new products this year, they are well on their way to attracting a younger, more diverse demographic and entering new markets.

Embracing nature’s colours: Juice Plus+ has new visual identity; a new logo and rebranded packaging on all products with updated colours, photography, and fonts, all of which reflect the science and goodness behind the brand.

With a brighter colour palette, Juice Plus+ is also embracing the colours that can be found in nature: fruits, vegetables, berries, that go into the clinically researched products. Through a modern and digitally driven approach to lifestyle, Juice Plus+ has updated photography of the products to symbolize the joy and connections found in the Juice Plus+ community.

Sasha Laman, vice president of global marketing at Juice Plus+, said,

The competitive environment has changed so it’s time to reintroduce Juice Plus+ to the world. We want people to know we are here and in fact, we’ve been here, innovating, for almost 30 years.

We’ve always taken advantage of the latest advancements in plant-based nutrition and look for ways to bring our products as close to nature as possible. We want a brand that is beautiful enough to earn a spot in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s not just a new logo, it’s a complete refresh of our visual identity. We are so excited to inspire healthy living around the world, with the new Juice Plus+ brand.”

The new brand was created with San Francisco based branding and design agency, Hatch Design.

Juice Plus+ strives to maintain a strong connection with its Sales Partners and Customers. It currently has about 200,000+ Partners across 26+ markets globally who utilize the business opportunity earn income by selling to friends and family or for some, an opportunity to share products with a much wider customer base.


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