Kyäni Caring Hands Foundation Honored by Mexico Government

 Kyäni, Inc., is honored to announce that on Friday, June 22, the Kyäni® Caring Hands Foundation was recognized by Mexico’s top government leaders.

Marcelo Ebrard, Secretario de Relaciones Exteriores de México, along with the Governor of the state of Chiapas, Mexico, Rutilio Escandón Cadenas, recognized the Kyäni Caring Hands Foundation for their diligent and successful work in education with the indigenous communities in Chiapas. 

In addition, the Secretary of Indigenous Communities for the state of Chiapas, Emilio Ramón, congratulated Kyäni Caring Hands for the tremendous impact they have had on the region and for their continued service to the Chiapas communities.

Erich Diestel,  Director of the Kyäni Caring Hands Foundation who lives in Chiapas, was also recognized for his strategic development in the program and the relationships he’s built with the Chiapas communities.

This prestigious acknowledgment was received on behalf of Kyäni Carings Hands by Andrew Mangeris, Caring Hands Executive Director, at a special ceremony celebrating indigenous peoples throughout Chiapas. Each of the Presidents of these communities were also in attendance.

Serving the Chiapas, Mexico region for the past eight years, Caring Hands has demonstrated profound commitment and dedication to its mission to bring hope to children in need by improving access to nutrition, sanitation, and education. Since its inception, Caring Hands has worked to offer hope to those most in need and to improve lives throughout the world.

While operating independently of Kyäni, Caring Hands is supported by Kyäni Employees, Business Partners, and Customers working together to fulfill the Caring Hands mission. 

“This honor from the highest officials in the country is due to the model of success that Kyäni Caring Hands has created,”

commented Andrew.

“We are incredibly honored to have received this recognition, and we are proud of the opportunity we’ve had to create lasting change in the lives of thousands of people. We thank the many generous donors who support our efforts to serve those in need.”

The Caring Hands mission in Chiapas has always been largely focused on education. They work closely with COBACH, a government institution that oversees public high school education. 

“If you increase education, you help solve issues of poverty and health,”

says Andrew.

“We focus on building schools because 55% of high school students drop out. If we build nicer schools, more facilities, and more opportunities, attendance typically doubles and students are more likely to stay in high school and get their diplomas.” 

Additionally, Caring Hands has worked diligently to create Kyäni University for degree-seeking adults in Chiapas. Kyäni University is a partnership between Caring Hands and UNACH, the largest accredited online university in Chiapas that provides the resources needed to complete a university degree. COBACH has allowed many of its facilities to be used by Kyäni University students in the afternoons and evenings to study and complete online courses. 

By bringing online access to university degrees to the remote communities in Chiapas, Caring Hands has reduced the cost of obtaining a degree by 95%. Students no longer need to travel to distant larger cities, face exorbitant living costs, or pay expensive tuition. Caring Hands is helping to change lives in ways that will impact generations to come.

More information on the mission and accomplishments of the Caring Hands Foundation can be found in a five-part YouTube docuseries and at

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