Alex Moreno, from Mexico, achieves the Double Diamond rank with Decentra

Alejandro Moreno Trujillo, going by Alex, is a network marketing professional from Mexico with over 6 years of experience in the industry.

Alex tells us about his beginnings in this business back in 2016 and puts the special emphasis on the educational side of network marketing:

This industry gave me the best educational school I could imagine in life. I honestly fell in love with personal development.

It’s true that at first, I was moved by what I could generate financially, but I soon realized that the hidden treasure was the person you could become.

What really moved me was that process of transformation that people go through when they decide to do this business professionally.”

Alex is definitely a fast learner. He admits that he was brought up to become part of the traditional industry, studying a degree and making a career.

“I studied law out of love and gratitude to my mother, who always supported me to have the tools to transcend. But the life of the people who taught me or worked in the field did not inspire me.

Rather than that, it generated confusion. Combined with the fact that I was working in nightclubs in my hometown as a public relations specialist, I don’t think it was the best context to exploit my true potential.

So much so that it even came to a depression, which I thought I would never get out of.”

Not everything in life is money. Money definitely helps, but it won’t make you feel fulfilled. Alex tells us that becoming part of the MLM industry was a remedy to his depression.

“That’s why I’m so grateful to network marketing. It made me wake up and move forward in my life. I owe part of my identity and my sense of belonging entirely to this industry.”

Less than a year ago, Alex was joining the fresh project of DECENTRA after learning about its vision and structure.

I was left with my mouth open and excited about the ecosystem that was to come in the following months.

I have been doing this business model professionally for some time now, and I have never seen something so attractive for any networker looking to take their life to the next level.

DECENTRA helped me to elevate my presence and exploit my great potential.

It’s true that there has always been a lot of criticism and negative opinions from many people. But I have absolutely no regrets. We have transformed thousands of lives in their personal growth and finances. DECENTRA came to create a before and after.

It has been the breakthrough for more companies to start believing that great things can be done in this business model.

Alex gives us the account of his plans of reaching 2 million entrepreneurs who would understand the industry, the risks involved and, above all, the possibilities for the development, personal as well as professional.

This industry needs people who dare to do the unthinkable, to improve compensation plans and not just sell vision and more vision.

I want to help people not just learn, but make real money, that will be something that will completely change their families.

And speaking about families, I would like to take this opportunity to thank mine. They are everything to me. They are my fuel to never stop. It was worth it to be the black sheep. Now I can help them and put a grain of sand in their lives. I love them and they love me.

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