Amare Global Acquires Kyäni

Amare Continues Momentum and Expands Global Footprint with Strategic Partnership

Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company, announced today the acquisition of Kyäni, Inc., a globally recognized and respected pioneer in health and wellness with business operations in over 50 countries.

Through this acquisition, Amare begins a strategic partnership with Kyäni to further expand global reach after tripling partner growth and doubling revenue and customer growth this year, despite global economic challenges.

Jared Turner, CEO Amare Global stated:

“This has been a year of transformative growth and momentum at Amare, and we could not ask for a better partner than Kyäni to help propel our global vision to share the benefits of mental wellness.

We are prepared to take this next step as a company to accelerate global expansion and build a foundation of empowerment, wellbeing, and opportunity for as many people as possible. Many thanks to our passionate employees, Brand Partners and customers who’ve helped us reach this milestone.”

Founded in 2018 by successful entrepreneur Hiep Tran, Amare Global focuses on creating products that support mental wellness through the gut-brain-axis.

Hiep’s vision of creating a company focused on mental wellness stems from his own journey in health and wellness after experiencing extreme burnout in the business world. This led to the creation of Amare Global and helps guide Amare’s holistic approach to wellness that includes products, programs, and people.

“Today we welcome the incredible Kyäni community into our Amare community with open arms,”

says Hiep Tran, Founder and Chairman.

“When I founded this company five years ago, I hoped to share the benefits of mental wellness and financial opportunity with the world.

Our full company name is Amare Global, and this acquisition and strategic partnership will allow us to fulfill the global vision I’ve always had for Amare at a more accelerated rate. It was also imperative that Kyäni’s values and mission aligned with our own, and we feel confident they do.”

Kyäni, Inc. was founded in 2006 by the Hansen and Taylor families and is a globally recognized pioneer of the antioxidant movement with ingredients that support natural Nitric Oxide production in the body.

Co-founders Carl TaylorKirk Hansen and Jim Hansen set out to create a company that would bring hope and wellness to as many people as possible and grew the company to include Business Partners all over the world. Sadly, in 2019, co-founders and brothers Kirk and Jim Hansen were lost in a tragic accident that left the entire industry reeling.

“Myself, Kirk and Jim never wavered on our values of integrity, loyalty and hard work. As we’ve been searching for the right next step for Kyäni, I wanted to make sure the vision of Kyäni could continue forward and set our Business Partners up for optimal success.

It’s no mistake we ended up at Amare Global, whose name translates to “love”. I’m so grateful for the employees, customers and Business Partners who’ve been on this journey with us. I believe this strategic partnership with Amare will help propel Kyäni forward into an exciting new chapter and further fulfill our mission of bringing hope, health, and wellness to the world”,

says Carl Taylor, Co-Founder of Kyäni.

With business operations in over 50 countries and over 20 languages, Kyäni has empowered a global community to achieve an elevated lifestyle by activating greater health.

“I truly believe this strategic partnership with Amare will help achieve the vision Kyäni founders set out to fulfill. We look forward to this next evolution of growth and are energized to align forces with a likeminded partner whose team brings unmatched industry leadership and expertise”,

says Katy Holt-Larsen, Chief Executive Officer at Kyäni.

Kyäni Founders Carl Taylor, and Kirk and Jim’s widows Rebecca Hansen and LeAnn Hansen will continue as shareholders of Amare. Carl Taylor will serve on the board of directors at Amare.

As “The Mental Wellness Company”, Amare moves forward with its mission to create positive ripple effects of change by championing the importance of mental wellness through the gut-brain-axis and building a purpose-driven community all over the world.

About Amare Global

Amare Global®, The Mental Wellness Company® is the category leader in holistic mental wellness solutions through the gut-brain-axis. Amare’s patented and award-winning proprietary products leverage the powerful science of the gut microbiome and the gut-brain-axis (GBX), along with other clinically studied ingredients and blends. For more information, visit, follow @amareglobal on Instagram, and visit us on Facebook.

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