ByDzyne Appoints Industry Legend Felma Ong as Philippines Country Manager

Capitalizing on its global expansion efforts, ByDzyne is flexing its innovative muscles yet again by collaborating with industry icon and local expert Felma Ong to officially launch ByDzyne in the Philippines. 

The enthusing announcement to begin operations in the southeast Asian country, renowned for its abundance of beautiful beaches and natural wonders, is fresh off of the company’s recent liftoff in Japan and is expected to produce even more positive exposure and prominent sales in Asia for the momentous company.  

ByDzyne’s executive team is euphoric, eager to see its expansion to the Philippines thrive under yet another industry specialist. 

“We are so excited to announce that the amazing opportunity of ByDzyne is in the Philippines and our team would like to thank everyone that has made this dream possible!

We would also like to extend an extra measure of gratitude to the wonderful Ms. Felma Ong, who is not only a living legend in this industry but was both instrumental in making this launch happen and a key component in our company’s direction moving forward.

We know we are in good hands with Felma, and cannot wait to see how she brings ByDzyne to the next level in Asia,”

exclaimed Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, ByDzyne’s chairman and chairwoman. 

Felma can’t help but share in Nat and Chanida’s elation. A former accountant, Felma brings with her over two decades of experience in network marketing, where she also held the top income earner title in several previous companies and has built teams across multiple countries. Now, with the emergence of ByDzyne, Felma believes it is a perfect fit.

“When I heard the vision of ByDzyne, that each market is different in terms of culture, wants, and needs, that we have choices, and that the company will continue to pursue the latest trends and changes happening in the industry, I knew in my heart that this company is unique and will go places.

On top of that, the company is led by cofounders Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, who I met in 2019.

When I first met them, I was attracted to them right away because they were so humble even though they have accomplished so much in the industry. They have an incredibly caring heart, are passionate, and make all the difference,”

shared Felma. 

Widely considered the most influential trainers, leaders, and mentors inside the direct sales profession, the ‘difference’ Nat and Chanida represent is titanic. In less than five years since the company’s inception, the couple from Thailand has firmly established ByDzyne as one of the most groundbreaking and revolutionary organizations in the industry.

Not only is the company in Business for Home’s top 10 Momentous organizations, but it continues to permeate the world’s most lucrative trends—digital, travel, wellness—and stamp itself as a mainstay in the industry.  

They have now set their sights on expansion, and intend to catapult countries like the Philippines to global prominence and market success.      

Felma and her team will begin that work right away. In the imminent future, ByDzyne’s local manager intends to build a strong presence in the market, recruit proven leaders to join her pioneering efforts, and provide effective support to the country’s new distributors.

She’ll have a state-of-the-art training center, a 3,500-square-feet spacious office located in Quezon City—the largest city in the Philippines and just an hour north of the capital Manilla—at her disposal to begin that assignment. 

“Our big office is ready to welcome people who are looking for better opportunities. We have digital products, health and wellness possibilities, and travel and technology options that you can choose from!

Our corporate team is more than ready to serve our new distributors and we cannot wait to make the Philippines the strongest market in Asia,”

declared a confident Felma. 

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