Marggie Rico From Colombia Achieves Double Diamond rank At DECENTRA

According to a DECENTRA press release:

Marggie Rico is a networker from Colombia with over 8 years of experience in the industry. She first joined the industry by the invitation of a friend, and although there were some doubts at the beginning, Marggie finally got convinced that this business will help her change her story.

“I have made many mistakes, perhaps incalculable. I can only say that from every person I met and every situation I have lived, I have learned and I have become a better version of me.

Today, I am a more empathetic person, more full of love and tolerance. I have also created a new family, all with the same vision, but above all, we are united by values and love.”

Marggie tells us that she joined the DECENTRA project from day 1. She was acquainted with some of the corporate staff, and getting all the information from the original source left her with no doubts.

“With DECENTRA, my results got accelerated. I’m amazed how fast my team is growing. We are opening new markets on more and more continents. I have a very good feeling about this, i think people understand our message.”

Marggie is willing to give her all for the growing of her teams. Her mind and plans are 100% focused on DECENTRA, as she is telling us.

“I’m excited about everything that I know belongs to me and that I know will come to me at the perfect time. However, I prefer to always make short and medium term plans, it keeps me excited about my future. I prefer to enjoy what I live every day and do my best every day.”

Marggie talks to us about the network marketing industry with great passion and concludes her interview with a message of motivation.

“I consider network marketing to be the most complete profession in all aspects. You learn to serve, you grow as a person, you grow financially, you develop skills you may not have known about and it g

ves you the power to help hundreds of thousands of people change their lives. \Plus, you have the opportunity to earn while helping others and while you learn. And you never stop learning and helping.

 Another and, most probably, the most wonderful thing about networking is being able to connect with people around the world.”

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