Nutritional Delivery System Leaders, Vasayo and Dr. Dan Gubler, Join Forces

A natural product chemist by training, Vasayo’s new Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Dr. Dan Gubler, has always been fascinated with creating new ways of delivering bioactive molecules into the cell.

He’s been fortunate enough to spend his career diving into his fascination through his work discovering new delivery systems while in graduate school, while doing postdoctoral research, in the pharmaceutical space, as well as through the nutritional supplements he’s personally developed. 

As Vasayo’s recently appointed CSO and new leader of its Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Gubler is delighted to partner with a company that shares his desire to curate natural products sourced from around the world into powerful nutritional supplements that utilize innovative delivery systems to help people live healthier and happier lives.

“To be able to work full time on developing disruptive innovations to improve bioavailability and human health is a dream come true,”

Dr. Gubler says.

“I also have a lot of admiration and respect for Vasayo’s founders, Dallin Larsen and Daniel Picou. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them and the other exceptional members of the Vasayo team.” 

Possessing 15 years of experience formulating nutritional supplements, Dr. Gubler says that advanced delivery systems like liposomal technology—one of the advanced delivery systems Vasayo utilizes in the formulation of its products—is imperative to the future of product science thanks to a customer base that has more knowledge than ever before and that demands nutritious supplements that are actually efficacious. 

“Consumers of nutritional supplements are becoming more discerning and aware of ingredients with poor bioavailability,”

Dr. Gubler says,

“and the time is quickly coming when delivery technologies will be demanded in every nutritional supplement.

With the innovative delivery technologies in development, I expect Vasayo will continue to lead the pack in the science of delivery and bioavailability for a long time.”

About Vasayo

Vasayo is a direct sales company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. For passionate people who seek abundance in life, we create products that promote wellness, enhance beauty, and support daily renewal. Through our science, we maximize the delivery of nutrients to the human body using liposomal technology and other advanced delivery systems. And through our mission to bless 1 million lives, we empower our Brand Partners to change the world. For more information, visit Follow Vasayo on Facebook or Instagram.

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