Start-up Elomir Launches In The USA

Founded by Toan and Van Nguyen, Elomir is a new health and wellness company that launched July 2022.

Toan Nguyen and Van Nguyen have been successful field builders and top income earners in their 17+ years each in the industry and have built teams that span around the world.

Elomir closed their second month in business with over 11,000 Brand Partners and shy of $3 Million in sales in just the U.S, with plans to launch into international markets starting October 2022.

Elomir also completed their pre-enrollment phase and launched full capability bringing in over 3,500 customers just 3 weeks ago.

Elomir is being lead with Van as named CEO and have created strategic partnership within Lacore’s eco-system to ensure that success for the company and their field was backed by the best experience, knowledge, and manufacturing available in Network Marketing.

The creation of Elomir was not something neither Toan and Van or Lacore’s eco-system was seeking. A casual conversation over a dinner lead into the creation of Elomir 12 months later.

While interviewing Van, we asked,

What makes Elomir unique?

“Elomir holds the exclusive rights to this technology of absorption. This method, known as Diffusion Technology, is an capsulation process that creates unique conjugates that bypass digestion and immediately absorbs at a cellular level.

This method allows Elomir to perfect the oral mouth strip as a supplement because this process allows us to create a full impact with minimal amount of ingredients.

Our barrier of entry for duplication will be very difficult for anyone to break. Our formula is so different that the standard strip machines have to be re-engineered to manufacture what we created.”

Diffusion technology on an oral mouth strip allows us to leverage both sublingual and Diffusion Technology for the maximum absorption available on the market.

Oral mouth strip supplements have been on the market for decades but no-one has perfected because the space to work with is so minimal. All the current technology for formulations were not impactful to create any significant results until Elomir brought on board this new method.

We asked Van to tell us more about Elomir’s first product Axis Klärity,

“Axis Klärity is designed to help you feel more present with family, friends, and nature.

With 3 simple ingredients of Thiamine, NAC, and Curcumin paired with our Diffusion Technology for absorption, we are helping people stop and smell the roses again.

Axis Klärity is designed to boost mental clarity, help with focus, encourages the fight against free radicals, and boosts gut health all on a simple and convenient dissolvable strip. It’s not a pill, powder, or liquid! It’s simple, convenient, and it tastes like candy.”

This product grew a Facebook community of nearly 20,000 members in less than 60 days.

About Elomir

Founded in 2021 by Toan and Van Nguyen. They bring over 17 plus years of successful field building experience to the corporate team. Along with becoming a brand within the LaCore Enterprises eco-system, we positioned Elomir to disrupt the market with a different approach to how you’re supplementing. For more information please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Elomir, click here for the Elomir overview.

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