Andrés Y Stefania Rivera Siguen Rompiendo Límites En ZETA Y Logran El Rango Doble Diamante

Andrés González and Stefania Rivera continue to grow as a couple and together they manage to become Double Diamond, marking a new achievement as a team, being an example of leadership and motivation.

“I was one of those people who lived with the uncertainty of entering this business, I didn’t know how to start, but I wasn’t afraid to get ahead and I think that decision has transformed my life and that of my wife”

Indicates Andrés “Gonzo” Top International leader.

Gonzo and Stefania are a couple of professional entrepreneurs, with knowledge in communication, real estate investments and creators of several businesses at a national and international level. Six years ago this couple took the initiative to enter the network marketing industry with the purpose of improving their quality of life and that of their loved ones.

Currently, their results are a reflection of their effort and during the last few years they have managed to form work teams with more than 3 thousand clients in Latin America and the United States, without a doubt we have witnessed their growth, dedication and effort.

“We didn’t know much about this business, but we educated ourselves and learned how to take advantage of our skills. We owe this achievement in part to our mentor and friend Allan “La Leyenda” Badilla, who taught us the main thing a leader should have and that is humility”,

highlights the pair of Diamonds.

They have been part of the company ZETA for 4 months, where they become one of the most successful couples in the organization.

“We are grateful to be part of a company that values ​​people. We believed in ZETA from the first moment and in what it could offer, today we are proud to be here fulfilling our dreams and those of our team”

indicates Stefania Rivera Top International Leader.

During the last few months, Andrés and Stefania have visited several cities in Colombia in the so-called “TOUR Z POR COLOMBIA”, a series of events where leaders from different cities meet and show the great tools that the company offers.

In one of their events, the couple mentions their projects on a personal and professional level, where they tell us that their main objective is to teach these people to leave behind fear and see challenges as opportunities that can change their lives.

“Thanks to our leader Allan, thanks to ZETA, thanks to all those people who believe in us and in the company. We are happy for what we have achieved together and we plan to continue moving forward, motivating and changing people’s lives, because when one wins, we all win.”

Andrés González & Stefania Rivera, ZETA Diamonds.

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