Crowd1 Opens Singapore Office To Support The Asian Markets

According to a Crowd1 press release:

Companies grow and expand around the world. Some thrive, some merely survive. Then there’s Crowd1.

The world’s leading influencer marketing company has shown such astonishing growth in a short amount of time – a fact that has surprised some, but was wholly expected by company founder Jonas Eric Werner.

“We’ve always known that what we offer will resonate strongly with people, and our exponential growth – yes, we’re 50+ million strong – is testament to that”

he says.

This growth, especially in the Asian market, has necessitated the opening of a brand new Crowd1 office, and the company leadership team chose Singapore as the location. Widely known as the financial hub of the region, Singapore was always a strategic choice. Let’s take you inside the fabulous opening celebration, and sneak a peek behind the curtain to see what’s next.

At a glittering affair on 24 September, Crowd1 celebrated the opening of its newest office in grand style. Welcoming a select group of its top leaders, the company offered a day of essential training, riveting product updates and, customary at any Crowd1 event, fabulous entertainment.

Drawing from its deep well of management experience, Crowd1 luminaries such as

  • CEO Johan Westerdahl
  • Chief of Network Kenny Nordlund
  • Chief Network Operations Officer Jonathan Ström and, of course,
  • Jonas Eric Werner shared their excitement about the new office, and gave valuable insights on the company (including unveiling the fantastic new website).
  • Company Chairman Robert Flohr illuminated the exciting direction the company is taking, adding to the anticipation of a great future.
  • Derk Chew, Singapore Office Network Business Development Director, encouraged attendees to see the big picture, dream big, and follow a big future.

It was all about finding your why, and acting decisively. Next up was perennial crowd favourite, Dubai Office Network Business Development Director Raj Gaurav. How do you harness the future?

How do you maximise your opportunities? Raj had wisdom to share – and showed the useful new Business Presentation.

Along with a great presentation on motivating your team from the recently appointed Dubai Office Network Business Development Director Sara Wramner-Wang, the audience were left energised and ready for success.

Next, it was the gaming guys’ turn. Metaversy Game Director Henric Swahn (aka “The World Builder”) showed the audience how the most exciting virtual trading game will be defining this new world.

Specifically, Henric shared some tantalising game mechanics developments, which cemented Metaversy as one of the most anticipated web3 games on the planet. Greg Stevens, Nick French and Dominic Obojkovit from GameOut ushered in the new age of online gaming, unveiling the evolution of Miggster Plus, showing the audience what they can expect in the coming months, and introducing their newest Starlined avatar.

Felix Bengtsson from PLANET IX showed the crowd how, in the past year, the game has grown into an interplanetary juggernaut. The big takeaway was that Crowd1 truly is the leader in the GameFi future.

We all love – and are motivated by – a success story. To impart their considerable wisdom, we heard from standout Ambassadors George van Wijk, Eva Wang and Mr Vu.

What better way to cap a memorable day than a sumptuous dinner at stylish restaurant Ce La Vie? With the incomparable Singapore skyline as backdrop, top leaders experienced a night to remember.

Crowd1 doesn’t rest on its laurels, however. Derk Chew gave some insights into how the team has hit the ground running.

“On 26 September, the office held its first training session, attended by hundreds of Asian Affiliates, with millions of viewers joining us live online. We officially launched the Crowd1 Business Presentation, and heard success stories from our inspiring network.”

With this new Singapore office, Crowd1 is asserting its dominance in the industry. There’s a bright future ahead.

About Crowd1

Crowd1 is an established online social community and marketing company with its head office registered in Dubai, UAE, with a unique and empowering vision to unleash the opportunities provided by global marketing.

At Crowd1 we are proud to be democratising access to the next revolution in the digital space, online crowd marketing.

With an extensive and swiftly expanding community of passionate and highly motivated entrepreneurs, we aim to make Crowd1 the pre-eminent name in online marketing. For more information, please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Crowd1, click here for the Crowd1 overview.

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