Diego Castrillón Achieves Diamond Rank At Zeta Group

Diego Castrillón, sports professional, independent entrepreneur, father of a family and husband, manages in just one month to become a diamond of the ZETA company. Thanks to his resilience, a new path is opened in the industry and he manages to fulfil one of his greatest goals.

“Before I depended on my clients, being a sports trainer I generated only $500 a month, now thanks to this type of business my income exceeds $40,000”,

says Diego.

Castrillón started in the world of Network marketing 4 years ago, without experience or results, encouraged by his wife Shirly Herrera, a professional in communication and audiovisual language, who began looking for alternatives to undertake. In 2018, they decided to take the initiative and in their first month they generated $600, since then they saw the great opportunity they had with this business.

Diego and his wife had an economic crisis, with debts above $15,000, no matter how long it would take, they would find a way to get ahead and overcome adversity. In their first year and a half they billed their first $50,000, all for their effort and dedication to get ahead together.

“In that year we settled debts, bought our first vehicle, pensioned our parents and were able to become independent, increasing our standards and lifestyle”

mention the couple.

On August 20, Diego and Shirly welcomed two new members to their team, their twin sons Matías and Antonella, who thanks to digital businesses can share with them at any time. Currently, they are part of the ZETA company where they generate great results and during their years of work they have achieved profits of more than $230,000.

Diego has been characterized as a mentor for the new generations, someone who is admired for his humility and charisma. Day by day we see the great love he has for his family and the appreciation for his leaders Gonzo and Stefania, those who in recent years taught him how to make the most of this business.

“We are proud of the growth that Diego and Shirley have had, they are part of our family and we are sure that this will mark the first step in a true success story. He is a champion and nothing is going to stop him”

highlights Gonzo and Stefania Top, international leaders.

Nowadays Diego offers private mentoring sessions and meets daily with his work team accompanied by his twins, where he plans the new goals to be met and the purposes he has in ZETA, without a doubt it is an excellent year for this leader who since At first, he showed great traits of leadership and effort.

“This is the beginning of great things, if you surround yourself with people you will create great success stories” – Diego Castrillón” Diamond Top International Leader.

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