Nina Moorer Achieves 50K Rank at MyDailyChoice

Not only has Nina Moorer just achieved a 50K rank at MyDailyChoice! Previously a salon owner and hairstylist, she discovered network marketing as an amazing way to spring back from a personal financial crisis.

“Network Marketing didn’t just change my life—it saved my life!”

Nina says. 

Nina chose MyDailyChoice because she was looking for a home and the right environment, not just for herself but her team as well.

“I wanted to partner with a company that has a solid infrastructure and a variety of products,”

says Nina.

“I was pleased to see the growth and potential for more growth, plus I wanted to be able to build again internationally and MDC provides that as well.”

As a seven-figure industry earner, Nina is excited to see so many of her team winning. Their goal is to close out nothing less than 50K, with efforts set to push for 100K.

Says Nina,

“We are excited to lend our gifts to MDC, and even more excited to be a part of history in the making!”        

About MyDailyChoice:

Josh and Jenna Zwagil are passionate about providing a true “home” for their affiliates and have created MyDailyChoice. The powerful and rewarding House of Brands delivers the best products and services in health and wellness, performance, weight management, beauty and cosmetics, travel, financial education, automotive, and more.

MDC consistently pursues leading-edge services, technologies, product offerings, and new ways of thinking. Learn more at

Get more information, facts and figures about MyDailyChoice, click here for the MyDailyChoice overview.

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