Olga Kulikova – APLGO’s Queen Of Creativity

According to an APLGO press release:

APLGO Events are some of the most iconic in the Direct Sales space. With the 11th anniversary of APLGOvaround the corner, we want to introduce the person who usually stays behind the scenes.

Meet our event designer, creative director and editor-in-chief of APL Planet Magazine, MBA, Olga Kulikova. In an industry dominated by women, it’s refreshing to finally see a female executive who un-apologetically is changing the face of what events can be.

Olga Kulikova:

  • 33 years old
  • Married mother of three
  • Master degree in PR, three higher education degrees
  • MBA
  • Loves her family, traveling, reading, and animals

While it’s impossible to overestimate Olga’s contribution to the development of APL, here are few notable highlights.

  • In 2021 APL celebrated its 10th anniversary. The main theme of the anniversary convention was Space. This three-day event included photo-zones and various themed artist. Convention attendees entered a large convention hall that was transformed to look the inside of a spaceship in flight.
The spaceship at the APLGO convention

At one point our distributors they felt as if they were weightless as APL President Sergey Kulikova took off from his seat with six animators without ropes, cables and safety nets.

  • 8 hours of an exclusive space show
  • 178 artists, 350 tons of decorations
  • 286 production team members
  • 30 special effects
  • 11 screens of more than 1000 square meters
  • 5 languages of simultaneous interpretation
  • 10 iPhones raffled off
  • Huge number of gifts given away.

And all these details intertwined into one big space show under the direction of Olga Kulikova.

APLGO Convention

70 married couples renewed their loves vows:

Just imagine, a ceremony of renewing wedding vows for the Associates on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Happy husbands and wives renewed their declarations of love to each other, read their vows, and exchanged secret messages and gifts.

70 married couples

It is one of those events that shows how the company honors family values. It is one of those events for which Olga is thanked from the bottom of her heart at every face-to-face meeting.

Sergey and Olga Kulikova, Kauri and Jenny Thompson

Olga’s versatility and creativity was on full display during the summer of 2021.

APLGO survivor: 42 distributors on a deserted island, competing for a Tesla:

This event was organized for APLGO distributors in survivor style. On a totally deserted island in Panama, 42 participants spent 4 days sharpening their character by going through the toughest challenges. Each challenge designed to test the will and skill of our contestants.

Wild Panama Survivor participants


The event was several times more intense than the famous TV show, because in 4 days, the participants went through 40 challenges. There was almost no personal time. The teams earned their food through competitions during these challenges and prepared their food over open fires. Wild Panama Survivor participants were hand-picked leaders.

They had to pass the test of the four elements, earth, fire, water, and air. These extreme challenges taught them how to persevere through adversity, to focus and learn how to overcome obstacles.

Many attendees learned valuable lessons that helped them overcome challenges associated with business building.

Kelly Vincent – Tesla winner

This event was the winner of the bema! – the annual professional award of the event marketing and integrated communications industry. In addition to the spectacular events, the APL Creative Director has a lot on her shoulders.


APLGO is an 10.5 year old company which began expansion in the US, LatAm, Philippines and South Korea in the last two years. APLGO features a category creator product “Rapid DNA Lozenges” and a compensation plan that pays out 63% on the dollar.

Our experienced corporate team is dedicated to the success of our associates led owner Sergei Kulikov, a successful, international network marketing leader. Our head office consists of six departments and sixteen divisions, with 14 global warehouses and more to come. We consult with top-tier providers to ensure every aspect of the business is solid and scalable. For more information please visit us.aplgo.com

Get more information, facts and figures about APLGO, click here for the APLGO overview.

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