Raquel Rubio, from the United States, reaches the Diamond rank with DECENTRA

Raquel Rubio is a marketing associate of DECENTRA, she is a professional networker with over 18 years of experience in the MLM industry. She tells us that her beginnings as an immigrant in the United States were not easy.

After having worked for ten whole years in a sewing factory, Raquel joined her first network marketing company by the invitation of her sister.

She admits that things went quite well as she achieved the highest rank in the company very soon and was able to enjoy quality time with her children and make a few trips.

It was a great learning experience for me. I built a large organization and saw it grow. I saw my leaders achieve their goals, and it motivated me even more.

I learned that when you listen to the dreams of your team and you join them in the same goal, the results are wonderful.

I learned that you have to let the leaders who want to develop grow by themselves. A mistake that I made at the beginning was to almost do all the work for them, however, I then realised that it was better to teach them and let them go.

It is the only way to form solid and lasting organisations.

Raquel was very centred on marketing wellness products and even planned to open her own shop when the pandemic struck and traditional industry faced numerous difficulties.

She was looking for alternatives that would allow her to develop a business from home, and that is how she found out about digital products and DECENTRA, with the help of her cousin.

DECENTRA is a great opportunity. From the very first month in this company, I saw the incredible results for my whole team, reaching ranks after ranks, and me achieving the rank of Diamond in just one month. 

I’m happy to be part of DECENTRA because its vision and mission is to improve the quality of life of people, giving them the necessary tools with a simple and clear system, so that we can all grow emotionally, professionally and economically.

Without a doubt, network marketing is the best industry, where we can all reach our goals, and especially, mothers, like me, are able to enjoy quality time with their families while doing something we’re passionate about and help other women get ahead.

Raquel is speaking about her plans to expand her organization all over the United States and impact, above all, immigrants and working mothers, just as herself, giving them an opportunity to develop their potential and achieve their goals.

My greatest satisfaction in this industry is to see how people, such as housewives, gardeners, agricultural workers who, according to what they say, have their destiny sealed, change their lives, make their families prosper and have the resources to give their children a better education.

You need to open your mind and remember the reason why you moved countries, what your goal and your dream is. And never stop: life gives the strongest battles to the warriors who are determined to pay the price. As per the slogan of DECENTRA: united we can change the world.

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