Rogelio Lopez From Mexico Achieves Diamond Rank At DECENTRA

Rogelio Lopez is an affiliate of DECENTRA from Mexico with relatively short experience in the network marketing industry. Only 2 years ago, Rogelio started out in the business together with his brother Jhonatan Lopez; both of them soon got a nickname “business brothers”.

“I started when I was 20 years old, not knowing that this profession would change my life. From a very young age, I always had in my mind the purpose of leaving a mark, to be remembered as one of the most impactful people in the world, through the values that my parents instilled in me.

At the beginning it was a difficult process: not many believed what I saw possible to achieve through network marketing. I received negative comments and lots of criticism.

That was until a mentor told me: listen to the people who think they are right, but follow the ones who have the results you want. If I were to start again, I would do two super important things: make the decision faster and believe it bigger.”

Rogelio joined the DECENTRA opportunity in its first day of operations. He outlines 3 main reasons that led him to this decision:

“It starts with its great corporate staff and entrepreneur team who together have over 200 years of experience in both network marketing and the business world.

Then, the leadership that guides the company, especially John Maxwell and all the brand ambassador leaders who as a team have developed one of the best educational and training systems for all members.

And last, but not least, a developed ecosystem that the company offers based on more than 7 services in one place. DECENTRA is truly unique.”

The DECENTRA project is just in its infancy, and Rogelio expresses how excited he feels to be a pioneer:

“Undoubtedly, it gives me a big advantage, as I see that this project will grow bigger and bigger every time.

I’m happy and grateful for the results. What took me to develop in a year in a previous company, at DECENTRA, we got it in 4 months, reaching the Diamond rank. I am sure that what is coming for the team will be very abundant.

All that thanks to the vision of the company, which positions itself as a hub for future star entrepreneurs, offering quality services to satisfy a range of needs, such as financial education, personal development, leadership, travel, technology, web 3.0, metaverse, travel and leveraging staking rewards.”

Rogelio speaks about the network marketing profession and highlights the fact that the benefits are not only for oneself, but for all other people around:

“The moment you as a networker really understand your profession, you open up a lot of opportunities for people who are looking for it, through training and development of leadership teams all over the world.

I believe that network marketing is a vehicle that will speed up your journey to achieve any goal, dream or objective you are looking for, giving it a much bigger purpose, but always paying the price it deserves.”

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