Top Leaders James Leonhardt And Angel Whitmire Join MyDailyChoice

James Leonhardt and Angel Whitmire live near Dallas, TX, USA, and have been in the home-based business industry for a combined 30 years.

The duo has served in various roles, such as top-ranked field leaders and corporate executive consultants. They have also created online communities totalling over 250,000 people. James’ expertise is creating simple systems that work for everyone, no matter someone’s level of experience, influence, or background. He has always stayed true to the motto of his first mentor, Randy Gage:

“Anything can work but not everything will duplicate.”

Angel entered the profession after seeing a friend post about traveling the world and immediately knew she wanted that lifestyle of freedom. Angel spent her rent money, which emptied her bank account, to get started.

She earned six figures over the next 12 months through social media attraction marketing, going from a few hundred connections to thousands. Now, she teaches her team an easy way to grow their influence on social media that anyone can learn—without spamming their friends.

“We wanted a company with executives that had massive field experience and a proven track record of success who made decisions based on what was best for their affiliates, not the next product launch or company profit report.

We became frustrated with the industry after helping launch and expand a few companies where we would scale our business to the top ranks, only to realize it didn’t align with our values or beliefs, almost giving up entirely.

We were tired of starting over again and again and again. After a close friend shared this gift with us, we can finally say, for THE LAST TIME, we have found our home at MyDailyChoice.

While they build their team together as a couple, James and Angel provide support in different ways depending on what someone needs. Their focus is always on helping the newest person believe in themselves by using simple systems to duplicate success.

They are already growing an international team at MDC of industry leaders, influential professionals, and close friends who are excited about what My Daily Choice offers to their affiliates—especially because it’s free to join and they are active in 200 countries.

“Two main factors solidified our decision, along with many others. One was the ability to partner directly with Jenna Zwagil, the Co-Founder of MDC, an eight-figure earner in the field, as our personal mentor who leads from the front by example while providing the best personal growth resources available in the industry.

The second is Josh Zwagil, Co-Founder and CEO of MDC, who has built his own cutting-edge technology platform that MyDailyChoice sits on top of. That platform provides free landing pages, funnels, automated follow-up sequences, a mobile app, a front-end shopping experience, and a virtual office. Josh is one of the most open-minded, progressive, and humble executives we’ve ever met.”

What resonates with them most is that MyDailyChoice is a House of Brands, which allows affiliates to market what and when they want, as opposed to a branded house where they are told why and how to do it.

“We are excited about the future of MDC and how it can empower the newest person or industry veteran to create multiple streams of income under one roof.

As Josh Zwagil says, ‘If we don’t have what you want now, just wait – soon we will!’”

About MyDailyChoice

\Josh and Jenna Zwagil are passionate about providing a true “home” for their affiliates and have created MyDailyChoice. The powerful and rewarding House of Brands delivers the best products and services in health and wellness, performance, weight management, beauty and cosmetics, travel, financial education, automotive, and more.

MDC consistently pursues leading-edge services, technologies, product offerings, and new ways of thinking. Learn more at

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