Top Leaders Kara Estes & Kira Kramer Join Arieyl

Sccording to an Arieyl press release:

Arieyl’s thrilled to welcome Kara Estes and Kira Kramer. Less than a week in, this powerful mother/daughter duo, have amassed a team of well over one hundred people choosing tocome alongside them on this exciting new adventure.

Network marketing presented itself to Kara at one of Kira’s Girl Scout meetings years ago during a very transitional time in her life. Working in a new city as a human resources director, Kara’s heart longed to have more strong women in her life.

During that meeting, her eyes opened to the possibility of working for herself, surrounded by powerful business minded women, and the freedom it would gift her and her three children while she navigated healing from past trauma. Kara quickly found success and Kira was taking notes.

“I tried the 9 to 5 life but it’s just not in me. I got into network marketing as soon as I could because I grew up watching my beautiful mother and seeing her passion was just super inspiring.”

Kira said.

Four years ago, armed with her incredibly strong daughter, Kara came back to network marketing full time and their intense passion to help others turn “trauma into triumph” made them into a powerhouse duo.

As fate would have it, they landed in the Butlers organization, but life happened and their collective journeys took different paths with neither set realizing one path would circle back.

After interviewing with multiple CEOs, Kara and Kira felt there was truly only one choice and that was going back to the fun and familiar leadership they once enjoyed.

“I knew in my heart I was missing something and that something was Arieyl. It was time to get back to my roots and partner with the ones I know and trust, and that had to be Kristen and Travis”.

Arieyl is for the bold, the ones who are not afraid to speak their truth, the ones who show up authentically and are not afraid to go against the grain. It’s everything I stand for and what I hoped to find in this industry.”

Kira added.

“I knew Arieyl would have unity and strength. I knew there was teamwork and a fun, collaborative community. When I put all of that together is when I knew wonderful things could be achieved and a lot of lives would be transformed.”

“I know that together, we can achieve so much more. Arieyl puts their Rockstars happiness at the forefront, allowing everyone to have fun, create a massive impact and build a successful, long-term business. Together.”

Welcome home Kara and Kira, welcome home.

About Arieyl

From Food Stamps & Foreclosure to Financially Freedom. Kristen and Travis Butler, top earners in the industry decided to create an opportunity for people just like them to live out their craziest dreams.

With our fast paced, busy lifestyles we give you the flexibility to grow a successful business at your fingertips. Arieyl is more than just creating a source of income, it is about creating your best life! Getaway with our fun incentive trips and spoil yourself with prizes you’d probably never splurge on.

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