DEBT Box Takes Select iX Global Representatives To Ghana Commodity Sites

According to an iX Global press release:

Recently the D.E.B.T. team graciously invited a select group of iX Global representatives from the corporate team and the field to accompany them on a trip to Ghana, where they viewed several of the commodity projects that support the software mining licenses D.E.B.T. sells.

The trip began with everyone meeting in the Ghanaian capital of Accra, with subsequent excursions to the outskirts of Tamale in the north and the outskirts of Takoradi in the west.

While in Ghana, the D.E.B.T. team held several meetings to explain, in depth, the relationship they have with the Ghanaian government and how they have been able to acquire the concessions for extracting various resources over the last five years.

One of the key pieces of information shared during these meetings is that the D.E.B.T. partners are the first group ever to acquire an on-land oil exploration license in Ghana.

The team also discussed their gold and bauxite concessions, and showed the traveling group their farming operation in the north of the country that exceeds 40,000 hectares and produces soy, rice, and corn.

The D.E.B.T. team also explained that the relationship with the Ghanaian government, and all of the concessions, are made possible by their proprietary scanning technology that is deployed via satellite. This technology scans the earth at predetermined coordinates and returns resonance and frequency information for the various layers of earth at those coordinates.

As every element in the periodic table has a resonance and frequency, the D.E.B.T. team has developed a proprietary way to parse the data of these readouts in order to pinpoint exactly where different commodities will be found within the earth. This allows them to take a sniper instead of a shotgun approach to extraction, saving both environmental degradation and massive costs that are normally incurred in the extraction process.

Over the last five years the D.E.B.T. team has been able to prove the validity of this technology to the Ghanaian government, and have subsequently earned the right to mine and explore their various concessions throughout Ghana.

The iX Global members that were selected to attend this excursion, and saw some of these concessions in person, are very grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. They left excited to see what the future holds for D.E.B.T. and their projects as they move into the future and bring their technology to more countries and projects.

At the same time, iX Global, as a young and fast growing network marketing company, could not ignore the opportunity to open a new market. During their time in Ghana, several iX Brand Ambassadors and corporate staff were interviewed by several television programs, and a kick off meeting of nearly two hundred and fifty individuals was hastily arranged with less than a week’s notice.

iX Global would like to thank its new Ghanaian leadership for being prepared to seize the opportunity when it was presented to them, and for facilitating such a kickoff meeting on such short notice.

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