MLM Company GOVVI Launches Fuel Tablets With 5% to 20% Fuel Savings

Why Trust GOVVI Fuel Tablets?

“Organometallic technology is based on six Nobel Prizes in chemistry”.

In July of 2015, this technology was approved in Mexico by the IMP (Mexican Petroleum Institute). The Department of Defense and the Aerospace Industry in the United States have used similar organometallic technology to what is incorporated by the manufacturer of the GOVVI tablet.

More than 400 million miles of tests have been conducted in the United States with positive results. The GOVVI tablet catalyst technology has been in operation since the summer of 2010, in the United States.

GOVVI Founder,CEO and Network Marketing Professional Lance Conrad stated:

“GOVVI’s revolutionary, super concentrated, fuel-catalyst helps break down large hard-to-burn fuel particles, capturing more energy from the fuel, resulting in maximum fuel economy & reduced emissions.”

Dr. Jose A. Araujo says:

“The tablet is dissolved once placed inside the fuel tank. One part of the gasoline is composed of octane and the other part is composed of Nonane or N-octane. Later (as part of the chemical reaction) the process goes on to branch.

Once branched, it causes octane and cetane to increase up to five points. This chemical reaction generates more power, greater efficiency, and less environmental pollution. By increasing the octane, you will obtain 15% to 20% fuel savings, and your engine will work more efficiently avoiding rattling or engine knocking.”

*There are several factors that have a bearing on a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, such as numbers of stops and starts, time at stoplights, acceleration when changing lanes, wind, etc., so achieving a scientific apples-to-apples comparison is a little difficult.

Some factors that play into fuel performance are the type of engine, as well as the quality of the fuel in the tank. The better the quality of the fuel, the less improvement in mileage you will see. The lower quality of the fuel used, the greater the improvement you will see.

Some of our customers report increased power so they are able to drive up inclines faster than they could normally, but this does not translate to better fuel efficiency, rather it allows them to cover more uphill ground faster.

Mechanical problems with your engine could also play a role in this.

The most important thing is that most people will experience more savings than what they pay for the product.


Our revolutionary, super concentrated fuel catalyst helps break down large hard-to-burn fuel particles, capturing more energy from the fuel, resulting in maximum fuel economy with reduced emissions. For more information please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about GOVVI, click here for the GOVVI overview.

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