Arieyl celebrates Their Two Year Anniversary

“Today we celebrate two years since we launched Arieyl”, 

Kristen Butler, co-CEO of Arieyl, posted on her Facebook page November 26th.

When she and her co-CEO Travis, and husband of 23 years, first opened Arieyl’s doors in November of 2020, it was with the deep desire to create a safe place for everyone to spread their wings and fly but, they had one requirement – to create an amazing collaborative culture.

While navigating an 8 month long pre-launch, Arieyl took their Rockstars from the modest 250 person Launch Team and Founders to over 7,000 Rockstars with a customer base 12 times that.

“I wanted everyone to feel like they had a meaningful relationship with Corporate and a voice to help form our Unicorn baby and, so far, we are doing it!”, 

Kristen added.

With a strong foundation of faith, evidenced by their pre-launch during a worldwide pandemic, Arieyl’s core team left the comfort of their individual success to seek out the full abundance and happiness they knew lay ahead of them.

“To leave something that was working for us to have something great instead didn’t take much faith the first time because we didn’t have anything to lose. This time, it took more of me, mentally, spiritually and physically”,

Travis said.

“Even though we launched Arieyl during a pandemic, with the country facing a recession and the network marketing industry shifting and changing, Arieyl still thrived.

We have seen company after company sell out, merge or close their doors while we are still here, hiring top leaders from the field to work at corporate, releasing proprietary, custom products with clinical studies and enhancing our compensation plan.

I wanted to be a CEO for the people in the field, a CEO that puts people and product quality above profits. That’s the foundation we built Arieyl on, the strongest place we could imagine to plant a flag”,

he added.

And Arieyl’s cutting edge, innovative, proprietary products reflect the incredible amount of careful thought the Butlers poured into every detail to make this Lion and Unicorn company all they dreamed it could be.

“So many companies out there, with great products, never get one to go viral and Arieyl currently has two, our BBL and In the Mood. It’s mind blowing.”,

said Jordyn Bueter, Arieyl’s Marketing Director.

“People are loving our fun and original products so much that even customers are sharing them on all the social media platforms, which builds insane momentum. We are blown away and incredibly grateful to see our family’s dream come true”,

she added.

Looking at the phenomenal success of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, Arieyl is clearly making others dreams come true as well. Rocking the industry with an unheard of “dollar for dollar” qualifying volume on every BOGO purchase, Arieyl’s Rockstars certainly created a November to remember with a record number of rank advancements starting mid-month and continuing into December.

Even with orders stacked to dizzying heights at the label station and fulfillment maneuvering around nearly a dozen pallets of freshly delivered products, Arieyl’s corporate team is loving every minute of this crazy adventure they all embarked on just two short years ago.

“Remember that feeling as a child, when you played house or store with your friends? That is what launching this baby unicorn company has felt like to me.

Walking through Arieyl’s doors each day never feels like work. It’s so surreal and hard to imagine that this is my real life!

I can’t help but feel blessed to be a part of something that started as a dream and, because of our amazing field and incredible leadership, has truly become a reality. And just think- it’s only been two years!”, 

said Danielle Lituski, Director of Rockstar Development.

“This is why we didn’t wait to launch, even when we were facing impossible odds. Lions don’t flinch at a hyena’s laughter and that’s why we are celebrating two years now while looking forward to many more years”,

Travis added,

The best is still yet to come!”

About Arieyl

From Food Stamps & Foreclosure to Financially Freedom. Kristen and Travis Butler, top earners in the industry decided to create an opportunity for people just like them to live out their craziest dreams.

With our fast paced, busy lifestyles we give you the flexibility to grow a successful business at your fingertips. Arieyl is more than just creating a source of income, it is about creating your best life! Getaway with our fun incentive trips and spoil yourself with prizes you’d probably never splurge on.

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