Arieyl’s Amanda Gracey Promotes to Diamond Rank

Amanda Gracey began her journey into network marketing by first stepping away from her background in broadcast communications after working as a reporter for years.

The long hours and low pay had taken quite a toll on her and she was searching for something different when she began noticing others promoting products they loved on social media.

Amanda knew, with her camera skills and prior training, she could do that as well.

“I needed the ability to work from home, as my husband is a first responder, and having a flexible work schedule was a non-negotiable once we decided to start a family”,

Amanda says.

“I love making people smile and laugh and creating content and teaching others how to do what I do! I never realized how much I loved it and how good I was at it until after finding Arieyl!”,

she adds.

Making people smile has been Amanda’s driving force because she found Arieyl during a very dark time in her life.  One friend was brave enough to reach out, openly sharing her story of struggle with Amanda, who now confesses that this single act of her friend’s courage quite possibly saved her life.

Armed with the knowledge of how one person, sharing their story, can change the trajectory of someone’s life, Amanda determined to be that person for others.

“It’s my turn now,”

Amanda said,

“I want to help people heal and I am so passionate about what Arieyl has to offer. It’s truly a place that can transform someone’s life, which is what I set out to do every day because I know each day could be the one someone needs to hear my story.”

Though she had been in direct sales for a while prior to joining Arieyl, Amanda confides that she always felt very out of place, having to blend in with the company’s standards and keeping her tutu wearing, rainbows and unicorn self, hidden from her peers.

“Arieyl gave me the ability to live my dream through financial freedom, to work at home with my girls, as well as a placing me into a community of friends who love me for who I am”,

she says.

Amanda credits her success to the support she has received at Arieyl and the collaborative culture that allowed her to learn from other top leaders in the company, outside of her own team.

“Arieyl truly is a family. There is no competition here, we help each other succeed”,

she states.

“I have never seen the love and support I have found at Arieyl at any other network

marketing company. I wouldn’t be Diamond without them”, Amanda noted.

“I am so blessed to have found this amazing, unicorn company and I will continue to help others find this blessing as well. Never have I met more faithful, loving, supportive CEOs who genuinely care about people the way Kristen and Travis do.  I am incredibly thankful for this God given opportunity.”

Arieyl is incredibly thankful for you too Amanda. Congratulations on rocking your business all the way to Diamond! The best is yet to come.

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