Network Marketing Leader Paolo Cavalleri Joins NVisionU

Paolo Cavalleri is a normal guy from Italy that started Network Marketing with big dreams in 2014. Now, with his 8 years experience, he is a professional in the Industry.

Paolo says:

What I love of this profession is the possibility to really help people in a way that no others industry can.

“I made obviously a lot of mistakes in the beginning. You know, when a young guy make some pretty good money he starts to spend it in a bad way.

So I remember when I bought my BMW knowing nothing about financial management.. very quickly this car has become a bad asset, I mean something that cost me money.

But from the past we can learn and when you do not win, You learn.. You can loss with a good attitude and intentions.

Attitude is the most important thing in this profession.. it can make you a 6 figures earner or stop you and the same starting point in this journey. Money will never give the attitude, but attitude will always give you money.

Why NVisionU? Simple, because nowadays people need to learn, people want to learn.

We do not leave in the time of possession, we are the “sharing – economy”. People know that house & cars are not active assets but liabilities.”

said Paulo Cavalleri.

What NVionsU teach to me and ours customers is take advantage from that, transforming these assets is something that can pay you. I love learn with airbnb for example that can make me some extra money part time.

But the main reason I joined this company it is because of people. Owners know the rules of this industry and I extremely grateful for Ivan Tapia & David Imonitie.

Their culture is to stay focus on customer instead of recruitment. That s the way I want to built wealth and stability.. happy customers that want and need this service or products.

It s incredible how strong we started in Italy even if we don t have everything translated in our language, people are really loving this revolutionary concept of make money trough airbnb.

Paolo already broke the Diamond rank achievement that means more than 100k in volume, and he and his team just started in 1 months.

He determined to smashed double diamond by creating new diamonds under him, so definitely we will see a lot success stories come from Italy.

He change from a very famous educational trading company to NViosnU and we know it’s now the first time he reach success.

  • If you do one time you could be lucky,
  • If you do twice you are good…
  • But 3 time… you are a legend!

So we can not wait to have more updates about him and the Italian team, because as he use to say all the time:

“Dreams, big dreams… because small dreams have no magic”.

About NVisionU

NVisionU creates a compelling opportunity for people looking for a healthy, vital life, surrounded by like-minded community. Pre-Launched in October 2022, the company produces health and educational products.

NVisionU currently operates in the U.S. and some countries in Latin America including Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, with teams launching in Europe, Asia and Africa. For more information please visit NVisionU.

Get more information, facts and figures about NVU, click here for the NVU overview.

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