Bravenly Global 700% Growth Year-Over-Year In 2022

Founded at the height of a global pandemic, Bravenly Global has grown exponentially over the past year. In its first full year (2021), sales reached $1 million; by the end of year two (2022), the company had grown 7-fold, to $8 million.

This new company was also voted #14 in the most recent Business For Home Top Direct Selling Companies 2023 poll, which included over 220 companies in the running, and was voted on by over 47,400 people globally.

CEO Aspen Emry shared:

“Bravenly comes from the guiding principle that, when we bravely step out in faith – when we ‘feel the fear and do it anyways’ – there is the promise that you’ll be strengthened and rewarded through this.

When each of us makes our own conscious decision to create the life that we deserve and are worthy of, at times we need to stare fear in the face and make a move towards it, because that’s when we can experience the most growth, which is key to joy.”

Over the last two decades, Aspen has risen from building a business in the field, to becoming a top producer, to being recruited as a key leader of the Field Development team of a large network marketing company ($750+ Million in sales annually), all while meeting the demands of raising 5 children with her husband, Brent, who also ran a large traditional business during those years.

The Emry Family

Ashley Walmer, formerly an accomplished field leader herself, and now Vice President of Field Development for Bravenly, shared:

“With our suite of results-driven, crave-worthy wellness products, plus a revolutionary compensation plan and elite recognition, our Bravenly community has grown so much this past year.

Our complete and collaborative system of social media training and tools for 2023 – plus advanced coaching and content – are considered by many to be the most effective and comprehensive in our space right now, that are produced and maintained by the corporate team; that’s because we have years of recent experience in this area, too.

That way, field leaders don’t get overburdened or burned out trying to create or teach or learn all this on their own. And all of it is 100% free to every Brand Partner.”

After two years in business, Bravenly’s product line now totals 15 healthy lifestyle products, together with a modern compensation plan that allows Brand Partners to earn a substantial income, even from simply building a customer base, and pays out between 55% to 59% – on the dollar.

As Bravenly begins its third year, its first-ever incentive trip to Jamaica was announced, in addition to a body transformation challenge featuring thousands in cash and prizes, and additional incentives and events, including the Bravenly National Convention BNC2023 in Tampa, Florida in February which will include special guest speaker, Ray Higdon; the launch of a (16th) new product; and plans for international expansion!

Aspen added,

We are incredibly proud of our team and all the wonderful people who have already chosen Bravenly as their home, and many more as we continue to grow.

Bravenly is poised for incredible growth in 2023 because people are looking for us: a safe home where they can confidently build their futures together in a community of like-minded people, based on friendship, family values, fairness, faith, fun, honor, kindness, respect and transparency. We’re excited to have a positive generational impact on many lives for years to come.”

About Bravenly

Bravenly Global provides a superior suite of healthy, crave-able lifestyle products that produce results, re-orders and a ripple-effect, paired with a generous, multi-faceted, revolutionary compensation plan, and supported by unmatched tools and training for modern social marketers.

Whether you’re joining us as a Customer, an Ambassador (affiliate), a brand new Brand Partner, or a proven industry leader, Bravenly offers unmatched value, rewards and success at every level. Privately-owned, debt-free, and dedicated to transparency, integrity, faith, fun and family values, Bravenly Global is dedicated to its mission of positive impact and growth in countless lives across North America. To learn more, visit

Get more information, facts and figures about Bravenly Global, click here for the Bravenly Global overview.

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