Elevitae Launches In US And Europe Focusing On Minority Markets

A new style of company emerges to empower and elevate minorities such as Hispanics, African Americans, and others.

“It is time for change in the direct selling industry where a company’s sole purpose is creating and bringing together leaders from minorities and that is Elevitae”,

shared Luis M. Garcia, Founder and CEO.

Being no stranger to hard work, Luis started working part-time at the age of 14, while going to school and continued working full-time while going to college. He achieved a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, being the first in his family to attend college and graduate.

Throughout his career, he’s had great success in Corporate Management, Construction and Real Estate, building several +$20 Million projects and investing in Real Estate assets.

“After just one event, I fell in love with Network Marketing”

shared Luis.

In 2005, Luis was introduced to network marketing for the first time but was dismissive of its potential like many. It wasn’t until years later that he attended a company’s event with John C. Maxwell as keynote speaker, and noticed he was surrounded by over 5,000 networkers, the majority being Hispanics and African American.

Luis’ vision and goal has been to elevate the potential of individuals that have limited resources and opportunities. After 10 years in the direct selling industry, he thought it was time to build his own company, Elevitae, that focuses on empowering networkers that are many times unacknowledged and undervalued.

“Along with our staff, we’ve put together a one-of-a-kind compensation plan that pays out 90% of the business volume and two incredible natural products for our launch. Our passion is driven by the success of our affiliates.

Many times, I’ve been in the same shoes as our affiliates and had to spend most of my time creating content, translating documents and presentations, because the company didn’t have the resources we needed to properly share the opportunity.

This is about to change with Elevitae, since we are giving our affiliates all the tools and resources they’ll need in order to focus their time on growing, training, and collaborating with their teams. We are just getting started and there’s a lot more we are working on to launch during the year.

Said Luis M. Garcia.

About Elevitae

Elevitae is set to launch March 15th, providing access to enriched beverages for weight management and detoxifying the body. The simplicity but powerful design of the products allows you to take them with you wherever you go. Whether you simply want to try the products as a direct customer or an Affiliate, Elevitae offers product discounts, a membership program, and 10 bonuses and reward through the business opportunity.

This young but solid-structured company shares strong family values, aligned with faith and a financial backbone. Elevitae’s mission is to empower people like yourself in search of an Elevated Life through an ecosystem that creates wealth, abundance, and wellness.

To get more information about Elevitae, please visit www.elevitae.com

Get more information, facts and figures about Elevitae, click here for the Elevitae overview.

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