Rick Gutman Achieves 50K Rank At MyDailyChoice

 MyDailyChoice is excited to congratulate Rick Gutman on achieving 50K Affiliate in his first four days.

Rick has had a tremendous amount of success in the Network Marketing industry previously earning eight figures as a distributor while achieving the top ranks of multiple companies throughout his career.  

“I love building people with financial literacy at the center of their development, but in full transparency, I was getting bored with seeing the struggle for relevance in this industry,”

says Rick.

“The closing of a door rarely feels like destiny—but then I met Josh Zwagil, the owner of MyDailyChoice.”

Rick was won over after seeing the infrastructure in MDC’s approach to competing in E-commerce.

“The online assets each Affiliate has at their disposal are really remarkable,”

he says.

“MyDailyChoice’s House of Brands brings many options of diversity when dealing with the frustrations of product life cycles, plus their tools, capture pages, sales funnels, and their product base of 1,000 SKUs—including digital products—make them extremely unique in this space.” 

Rick adds,

“Their understanding of what the industry is asking for has made the business fun for me again, but most of all, it has given my team the systems that support the Network Marketing Professional in a way they have never seen or experienced before.”

When analyzing what are the building blocks of successful network marketing, Rick believes MDC is the future.

“MyDailyChoice will continue to attract more and more industry leaders because it’s long-term, stable, and relevant—which I had to be a part of!”

About MyDailyChoice:

Josh and Jenna Zwagil are passionate about providing a true “home” for their affiliates and have created MyDailyChoice. The powerful and rewarding House of Brands delivers the best products and services in health and wellness, performance, weight management, beauty and cosmetics, travel, financial education, automotive, and more.

MDC consistently pursues leading-edge services, technologies, product offerings, and new ways of thinking. Learn more at MyDailyChoice.com.

Get more information, facts and figures about MyDailyChoice, click here for the MyDailyChoice overview.

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