Alejandra Gómez And Fernando Prada Achieve Diamond Rank At ZETA

Zeta has been characterized in the last 9 months by creating thousands of success stories and today, with more than 25,000 thousand leaders, it once again leaves its name high with 2 new diamonds, Alejandra Gómez and Fernando Prada.

In their last cycle, these two entrepreneurs had the vision of reaching a new rank, their commitment and focus took them to the next level, going from earning $15,000 per month to more than $40,000 per month, being recognized as the new ZETA diamonds.

Every great story has its beginnings and at 17 years old, Alejandra Gómez embarks on her path to the world of network marketing, a young woman who was dedicated to helping her mother’s business, wanted to change her life and help her family get ahead. In her first year, she only managed to bill 500 USD, but that result was the motivation she needed not to give up, she knew that the more she tried, the greater her results would be.

“The industry completely transformed my mentality and allowed me to meet people who broke out of the mold, thought differently and their results spoke for them, since then I have been in love with this business,”

said Alejandra.

With her dreams intact and her goals clear, Alejandra continued working non-stop with her family and 5 years ago, when she met her mentor Allan Badilla, co-founder of ZETA; she decided to follow her steps that led her to generate great results.

“Alejandra is one of the warriors that life has given me, a teachable, hardworking, focused, determined woman and I am proud to see that she is now a Diamond that shines with its own light,”

affirms Allan Badilla.

The growth of each member of ZETA is the result of teamwork and Alejandra Gómez together with her partner Fernando Prada, have made it clear that ZETA is a company that fulfills people’s dreams.

Two years ago, a public accountant, university professor and independent entrepreneur made the decision to transform his life and embark on digital business. Fernando Prada, a man of principles, values and dedicated to building a better future for the youth of his country, saw in network marketing the possibility of being a leader for future generations.

In her first year, she earned commissions of over $10,000 as Esmeralda and thanks to her alliance, friendship and trust in the team, today together with her partner Alejandra Gómez, they have managed to invoice more than $40,000 per month in their current company. ZETA Group.

“God will put in your life the people you need, not the ones you want. Today together with my partner Alejandra, we are making history and changing the lives of many people,”

affirms Fernando Prada.

Currently, the company has started a new cycle called Focus under a 90-day plan, where they expect new Diamonds to be positioned in 3 months and that all its leaders achieve a new rank.

ZETA Group has made it clear that this year will be a growth for the company, becoming an excellent opportunity for people who want to undertake in the Network Marketing industry.

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