Dr. JUCHHEIM Changes From A Direct Sales Company To A Network Marketing Company

Dr. JUCHHEIM the company with countless WOW user experiences, which produces premium products in the beauty & wellness sector, hereby publishes a fundamental, business reorientation.

After 8 years of business activity, the company changes its orientation from a direct sales company to a network marketing company. This fundamental change is accompanied by a new income plan.

The previous plan has already been replaced on 1 March 2023 by a unilevel-hybrid plan, which has already brought a significant double-digit increase in sales in the first month over the previous month and has also produced numerous career advancements.

  • These include 196 new managers (the first career level in the new marketing plan)
  • 11 new directors
  • 5 new national team directors
  • And a new president.
  • In addition, 4 distributors simultaneously occupied a newly created career level, the Senator.

This title, which is actually the third highest career level, represents a milestone of personal development with these fine leading distributors. One success story is topped by the next one coming in. An enormous gain has come in form of the cooperation with Germany’s #1 speaker (according to ntv) and personal & business coach, Tobias Beck.

This significant alliance provides Dr. JUCHHEIM’s distributors with a state-of-the-art training system, the Tobias Beck Academy. Participation in this training has been acquired by Dr. JUCHHEIM for its brand ambassadors. The synergies and developments expected from this training and incentive programme are already evident.

Dr. JUCHHEIM is highly pleased with the current achievements and looks forward to further developments with utmost confidence.

The management team: Thorsten Mueller, Kerstin Halefeldt, and Jürgen Juchheim


The company was founded in Munich at the end of 2015 by Dr. med. Jürgen Juchheim and Mrs. Kerstin Halefeldt. Between 2016 and 2020, i.e. in the first 5 years, 300 million euros in sales were turned over. Both are managing partners of the GmbH and have been running the company singlehandedly ever since. In June 2022, Thorsten Mueller was recruited as a member of the board.

As of the beginning of the new year and as the company’s Executive Vice President he has successfully developed and introduced the new marketing plan, among other things. The company is active throughout the European Economic Area and also ships overseas.

In addition to extremely effective cosmetic products, nutritional supplements are also among its bestsellers. The latest product line is a series of organic, high-quality and Ecocert-certified essential oils and oil blends. For further information please visit www.juchheim-methode.de

Get more information, facts and figures about Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics, click here for the Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics overview.

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