Sales Expert Woody Woodward Speaker At The Monte Carlo Mastermind Event

Rob Sperry is bringing the best of the best to his Leader of Leaders Mastermind in Monte Carlo from June 14th to the 17th.

This particular mastermind is ONLY for network marketers who have made 6 plus figures within 12 months.  It is a high-level collaboration.

Woody Woodward is going to be one of the featured speakers in Monte Carlo.

Woody Woodward dropped out of high school at age 16, was a millionaire by 26, and flat-broke by age 27.  After clawing his way out of financial ruin, he built four different multi-million-dollar companies before he turned 40. Through overcoming this adversity Mr. Woodward has become a bestselling author of forty-two books about turning tragedy into triumph.

Having interviewed over 2,500 people around the world for his research, he is the pioneer and founder of “DRIVE Sales System™.”  

Understanding this cutting-edge human technology allows one to strip back the layers of excuses and build a proper foundation for mass achievement in one’s personal life, relationships, and career.

DRIVE was chosen as one of the leading techniques to be presented to the United Nations to assist them in reaching their millennial goals.  He has shared his cutting-edge techniques on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and Forbes.

As a perpetual entrepreneur and product developer he studied sales strategies regarding buying habits, decision-making, and product loyalty. He has worked with NASCAR, NBL, NBA, NHL, NFL, Olympics, Warner Music, Sony, Disney, and BMG.

His personal products have sold generated over $60 million in sales.

US News and World Report featured one of his products he co-designed for its cutting-edge technology and interaction with the consumer. He has consulted for many public and private companies setting up factories throughout Asia.

All interested leaders must be at least a 6 figure earner and email for more details.

About Rob Sperry

Rob Sperry has been recognized by a top publication, Business For Home, as the #1 trainer for 2017 in the network marketing industry. In his first year in the industry, he reached the highest level in a multi-billion dollar company.

Conquering new heights Sperry became the co-creator of mynt. Mynt was a spin-off from a $3 billion dollar company (total sales) and launched with a million dollars in sales, in just the first month..

Due to his expertise, he has been featured in national and international books, podcasts, blogs, articles, and magazines specific to finding success in network marketing. Rob has spoken in 18 countries in the last few years and is a 10x author. His podcast has been listened to by 130 countries.

He now spends his time traveling the world speaking, training, writing books, and hosting some of the most prestigious mastermind retreats in the network marketing profession. For more information please visit

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