Lorena Gabor Achieves Chairperson Rank At Partner.co

Lorena Gabor stated upon her achievement:

“I am very honored to have attained the position and be recognized as Chairperson in Partner Co  and could not be happier and prouder of what we build with the team.

My journey started as an entrepreneur at the very young age. I owned a beauty salon and then I worked in real estate. I was looking to build a business that will give me freedom.

Financial but more important, time freedom. Soon I realised that with my traditional businesses that was very difficult. Very often I was working more than my employees. No residual income. Plus, I was trapped in one geographic location – no world-wide business.

I joined two Network Marketing companies just “playing” with them. The company owners seemed to “play” with the business too. They were constantly changing the compensation plan – which was so frustrating to me and my team. After analyzing dozens of companies, I felt like they were all the same.

Then… on one fateful day I analysed one that had never heard of before and was shocked at what I saw – it was nothing like my previous experiences.

  • True professionals building real and large businesses.
  • Quickly embracing new people and supporting them with real training.
  • Compensation plan that had never changed, 51% payout.
  • Balanced payout between new people who only want to earn extra money,
  • People who want to go full time and those what want to build wealth.

I was not interested in a compensation plan where only two or three people earn $1 million dollars a month and everyone else earning near nothing.

The product line is exceptional and unique that give customers real documented results with a wide-open 60+ markets around the world to get customers, yet basically unknown and untapped.

I couldn’t believe my luck. It was at this moment that I decided to renounce my real estate business and become a professional in Network Marketing.

*I went all-in and in only three and half years I achieved the top rank of Chairperson with a five-figure weekly income.

Our team has built an international organisation in 12 countries and thanks to our leadership, training system and thousands of happy customers, our team leaders are also making great income being able to quit their jobs or retire their husband so they can work together. We are no 1 in 6 countries. I am so proud of our leaders.

Lorena Gabor Chairperson

At first I wanted success, but now I realise my greatest joy and pleasure comes from seeing my team leaders achieving tremendous success. Seeing people win is my passion.

*Earnings Disclaimer:

The earnings and success of the featured top distributor are not typical and do not guarantee similar results for all participants. Individual outcomes in network marketing vary based on factors such as personal effort, skillset, and market conditions.

This article should not be considered as the sole source of information for making decisions about participating in any network marketing opportunity. Conduct your own research and due diligence before pursuing any such opportunities.

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