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John Haremza possesses a unique story and experience in this volatile industry, having never failed which he says can be attributed to his wisdom, good fortune, hard work, or a combination of all.

John’s first introduction into the industry was through an invitation to a home party showcasing a water filter product. Initially, he believed that he was being asked to construct a display or evaluate the product’s quality, as selling was not a concept that he would have imagined being associated with him, due to his struggle with dyslexia, which affected his self-esteem and confidence. He spent most of his life and schooling trying to remain invisible, he wouldn’t even say hi to someone unless they said hi to him first.

John’s initial experience into the industry proved to be highly lucrative, as he managed to earn a staggering $400,000 within four years.

This was a significant contrast to his previous earnings of nine dollars per hour, and he felt as if he had hit the jackpot. However, he was unaware that this was only the beginning of his flourishing career.

John’s second experience in the industry was even more extensive, spanning over 12 years and resulting in a total earning of $4 million when the company was sold for the second time, he lost belief in the company.

Although he continued to receive a large check, he had a moral conflict when his belief diminished. He firmly believes that the number one element to success in network marketing is having unwavering belief in both yourself, your company, and the opportunity. While he remains immensely grateful for the experience and the people he met and the lessons learned, he recognized that there was still room for growth and new opportunities.

In John’s third experience, he had the privilege of serving as a master distributor, leading the charge in a company that ultimately generated over $300 million in total sales and earned him a personal income of $12 million over 12 years.

However, certain events occurred that affected his trust in the company and its leadership. As John often emphasizes, trust is the cornerstone of belief, and when it is compromised, it can be challenging to sustain one’s conviction. Once again, he found himself confronted with a situation that he had long feared.

John’s last experience spanned seven years and resulted in earnings of over 10 million. Despite his success, he once again found himself in a state of deep frustration.

Having 34 years of experience in the industry and having learned numerous lessons, John became determined to avoid finding himself in a similar position in the future. As a result, he ensured that his due diligence was incredibly thorough. This was a reflection of his commitment to ensuring that he would not repeat the same mistakes and that he would be well-informed before making any decisions moving forward.

John recognizes that in today’s world, technology and IT play a crucial role in a company’s ability to remain competitive. When he discovered MDC, he was blown away by the technology they had in place. He observed that many companies in the industry use the same handful of software providers and available technology. However, he was impressed by MDC’s unique and proprietary technology, which was developed in-house.

After learning that Josh Zwagil, the co-founder and CEO of MDC, was a technical genius, he was not surprised by the quality of the technology. John believes that MDC’s technology is far superior to anything he has ever seen before and gives them a significant competitive advantage.

Having an effective recognition system in place, is such an important and effective tool for building a strong and motivated team. He noted that very few companies do this right, but MDC has an automated recognition system that eliminated the need to wait around for recognition. All a member has to do was upload their picture, and the system would automatically generate recognition when certain milestones were achieved.

One aspect that caught John’s attention and piqued his interest was the concept of a “house of brands” that MDC offers, which essentially provides a diverse range of ten companies under one umbrella, catering to various interests and passions.

However, he initially had reservations about how one could effectively focus on a specific brand amidst such a broad range of options. Fortunately, the cutting-edge technology that MDC utilizes addresses this concern by allowing individuals to concentrate on the brands they are most passionate about.

What’s even more exciting is that the diverse range of brands within MDC’s portfolio provides opportunities for everyone, regardless of their interests or passions. John shared MDC with a family member who excelled in Forex trading, if MDC was only supplement, there is no way he could have brought him into MDC. MDC’s “house of brands” concept provided an opportunity to collaborate and excel in a brand that resonates with each person’s different strengths.

John’s extensive 34 years of experience in the network marketing industry, during which he has made millions and experienced both the highs and lows of the business, have given him a unique perspective on the industry. Despite this, he is more excited about his start at MDC than he has been in a long time. Josh told John, MDC is not competing against other network marketing companies but rather, a company that is competing against the likes of Amazon.

This bold statement highlights the company’s ambitious goals and its determination to be a disruptive force in the industry. With its cutting-edge technology, innovative product offerings, and strategic event planning, MDC is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the market. It is no wonder that John is so excited to be a part of this groundbreaking venture.

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