ZETA Group First Leadership Retreat 2023

ZETA held its first Leadership Retreat, in the emblematic paradise of Punta Cana, more than 40 top leaders of the company gathered to celebrate their effort and dedication during the first 11 months of ZETA.

Punta Cana dressed as ZETA, under the leadership and commitment of Allan Badilla co-founder of ZETA, accompanied by the Diamonds circle. They were 3 days of learning, fun and launches of the next services that the company will offer.

On the first day, more than 40 leaders between Diamonds and Emeralds, were received by a spectacular welcome cocktail, on the shore of the beach, in the most luxurious hotel in all of Punta Cana, the Hyatt Zilara Cap Cana. The beginning of what it would be 3 days full of leadership, motivation, focus and fun.

“He who is loyal, honest and hungry to learn, will have all my disposition to teach and guide him throughout his process.”

These were the words of welcome from the mentor and founder Allan Badilla, who is always providing advice and reflections for all entrepreneurs.

“Legends are born in ZETA”

On his second day of retreat, he started with the best training, more than 4 hours where the most important pillar is loyalty and commitment.

The beginning was one of reflection and projection by the company, in its development new services were launched, one of them was the launch of the new virtual office, a platform, with services that allow leaders to have a more structured plan.

ZETA has focused on the learning and growth of people and during the conference it made official the launch of new courses, where they expand their portfolio of services and in the next semester people will have the possibility of educating themselves in:

  • Forex: Deciphering the Forex market.
  • Oratory: the secret to maximize your sales.
  • Business English: Dominate Negotiation.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Digital Marketing – Sales Funnels – Dropshipping
  • Airbnb as a business model.
  • Experimental Investments in Real Estate

Undoubtedly, the opportunities at ZETA have expanded and now people will have the benefit of acquiring those skills that are having a positive impact in the market.

Finally, Allan Badilla provided an exclusive mentoring,

“A champion has a brave heart, he is focused, lives in the present, is grateful and enjoys the process.”

The 3 days of retreat could not end without a trip to paradise:

The co-founder Allan Badilla together with the other Zeta Diamonds,

  • Laura Castro
  • Miguel Posada
  • Julieta Rodríguez
  • Andrés González
  • Stefania Rivera
  • Keylin Masis
  • Carolina Caamaño
  • Diego Castrillón
  • Shirly Herrera
  • Lucas Bazán and Tamara Correa.

An adventure that would take them to the beautiful waters of the Catamaran in PUNTA CANA.

ZETA is known for giving value to each member of its team. One of the biggest surprises that took place at the Diamnonds Paradise was the celebration of the speaker, businessman and millionaire trainer, Allan Badilla, who at 42 years of age is leaving a legacy for future successful businessmen.

Currently, the company is implementing new courses and optimising its platform daily, to provide the best services, creating true success stories, through successful entrepreneurs.

Get more information, facts and figures about Zeta Group, click here for the Zeta Group overview.

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