Czech Diamonds Vitek Gula, Adam & Tereza Košec Lead by Duplication in ibüümerang

Three years ago, ibüümerang was the perfect fit for Vitek Gula, an international DJ who spent eight years abroad. Adam Kośec joined after attempting 15 different careers, looking for the one that would stick.

For psychologist, Tereza Beráková (now Košec), ibüümerang was her second network marketing company. Today, the three Czech Diamonds agree that, despite their different paths to join ibüümerang, they will never work for anyone else again.

When he joined ibüümerang, Vitek knew that success can only be created through observing success and then taking action.

Through studying his mentors, Black Diamond Smejkal Bros, and his CEO Holton Buggs, Vitek began duplicating the same methods within his business. This practice and ensuring his team attend every event contributed significantly to his success and current Diamond status.

“My mindset for success is to simply never give up,”

said Vitek.

“When you put in the work and you never give up, you can achieve anything you want.”

Adam and Tereza found more than just time freedom and life-changing leadership in ibüümerang – they found each other. Together, they built a successful business under the guidance of CEO Mr. Holton Buggs, growing a Diamondship and a budding new family along the way.

The couple’s “Why” has always been about family, and as they achieve their dreams through ibüümerang’s model of success, they are motivated more than ever to help their teams succeed.

“For us, the vision of ibüümerang and the environment of being around Mr. Holton Buggs is everything,”

said Tereza.

To further glimpse how ibüümerang helped develop these three leaders to the next level of success, check out the interview below!

About ibüümerang: 

Officially launched on September 1, 2019, ibüümerang was founded on the vision and mission of giving back to others without expecting anything.

ibüümerang pioneered the concept of “you only earn when your customers save,” and supports the Büüm Foundation in providing an abundant life for every child on the planet.

For more information on ibüümerang and its top-tier leadership team, visit the company website at

Get more information, facts and figures about iBuumerang, click here for the iBuumerang overview.

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