Dr. JUCHHEIM Cosmetics Awards First Globe-Trotter Rank

Dr. JUCHHEIM Cosmetics celebrated a wave of enthusiasm due to countless career advancements. 

And not only that; since the introduction of the new marketing plan, the three new, top titles have also been occupied by relentless leaders; and we were able to award and crown our first “Globe-Trotter” (highest career level): Sandra & Dietmar Schwalm (Germany).

The company-wide increase in turnover compared to the previous month came to 31%. Total payout expanded to 63% more distributors compared to December 2022. This means that the new marketing plan pays out more widely and also pays out higher with a double-digit percentage increase compared to Dec’22.

Income was distributed to many more brand ambassadors and in some cases even to unprecedented personal record amounts. In total, 306 Distributors achieved new career levels, including 261 new Managers, 19x Director, 13x National Team Director, 4x International Team Director, 2x President, one new Senator, 5 new Admirals and one first Globe-Trotter (as explained above). 

The career level ADMIRAL has not been occupied before and has now been reached 5 times: Annette Schroeder, Renate Bode, Petra Gomer, Karin Mack as well as Ágnes Váczy-Huebschl & Mattis Baumann. 

The company expresses thanks to all its leaders and especially towards Executive Vice President, Thorsten Mueller, for his consistent leadership and regular motivation of our brand ambassadors.

Mr. Mueller commented this morning as follows:

“We would not have been able to achieve this increase without our great leaders and movers in the organizations who are pretty excited to be fully engaged for a prosperous future with Dr. JUCHHEIM.

I am really pumped for all who are moving forward with our program – realizing their personal dreams and goals.”


The company was founded in Munich at the end of 2015 by Dr. med. Jürgen Juchheim and Mrs. Kerstin Halefeldt. Between 2016 and 2020, i.e. in the first 5 years, 300 million euros in sales were turned over. Both are managing partners of the GmbH and have been running the company singlehandedly ever since. In June 2022, Thorsten Mueller was recruited as a member of the board.

As of the beginning of the new year and as the company’s Executive Vice President he has successfully developed and introduced the new marketing plan, among other things. The company is active throughout the European Economic Area and also ships overseas.

In addition to extremely effective cosmetic products, nutritional supplements are also among its bestsellers. The latest product line is a series of organic, high-quality and Ecocert-certified essential oils and oil blends. For further information please visit www.juchheim-methode.de

Get more information, facts and figures about Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics, click here for the Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics overview.

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