MaVie Global Sales Break $100 Million In Under 1 Year

According to a Mavie Global press release:

MaVie Global is a platform providing opportunities for WEB3 products and services.

In less than 12 months, it has attracted over 250,000 people from 120 countries, generating more than $100M in sales revenue.

Celebrating its first year, MaVie Global broke the $100 million mark, making them the second fastest-growing affiliate company in the world by revenue.

They did that by becoming the first affiliate company in the world that partnered with Layer-1 blockchain, bringing its total value locked to a whopping half billion dollars.

Under the ingenious leadership of CEO Michal Prazenica, MaVie has opened more than 20 partner offices, including its crown jewel, the prestigious Dubai office, which overlooks the city, serving as a constant reminder of its immense potential.

MaVie is the first affiliate marketing platform in the world that partnered with the Layer-1 blockchain, positioning itself way ahead of any other player in the Affiliate marketing industry.

In only 12 months MaVie Global community has generated almost half a billion dollars in total value for Ultron.

This impressive feat puts them among the top 10 blockchains by Total Value locked, a groundbreaking achievement that has never been seen before.

Ultron Foundation is ranked among top 10 blockchains, by TVL

Comparing this partnership, it’s similar to MaVie having collaborated with Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, or Google 20 years ago. These companies are now worth trillions of dollars, and those fortunate to have been involved from the start continue to reap benefits. This venture has resulted in generational wealth, a legacy set to endure for decades to come.

Michal is optimistic but warns: 

“The future is bright for those positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities, which are faster and faster diverging from traditional ones. Only 4% of the global population owns any cryptocurrency, and many don’t own nearly enough to make a substantial difference. It is our duty to extend these opportunities to the billions who are currently left behind.

This mission opens the door for MaVie to truly become a global powerhouse in the Affiliate world.”

Another success came earlier this year when MaVie secured another partnership – Lottoday, the biggest WEB3 Gaming platform in the world. In less than 10 days, they achieved a remarkable feat by selling out 10 million USDT worth of presale allocated revenue-sharing products.

Although MaVie Global’s initial year was dedicated to building strong fundamentals and establishing powerful partnerships, like those with Ultron and Lottoday, their sales growth is skyrocketing.

The past 12 months have seen a proven track record, with sales exceeding $100 million, which elevated Ultron into the top 10 blockchains by the value generated globally. Now, MaVie Global has even loftier ambitions for its second year.

“With forecasted growth and a proven strategy, we’re primed to surpass $1 billion in sales, adding over a million members to the MaVie family.  Our aim is to become the real unicorn of the industry, achieving the 10x growth that everyone aspires to.

We look forward to setting the bar high in the network marketing industry and securing our spot as the leading company in future digital product sales. Exciting times lie ahead!”

asserts Michal.

As MaVie Global ventures further into 2023, its goal of attaining one million members is within clear view. To discover more about MaVie Global and learn about upcoming developments, kindly contact the person who shared this article with you or click on the button below, to get the chance of becoming OUR PARTNER and business builder.

About Mavie Global

Built on strong fundamentals and guided by a clear long-term strategy, MaVie’s grand vision will position the company as one of the most prominent leaders in the WEB3.

Community building is a critical aspect of MaVie’s user acquisition strategy. Therefore the company is creating a constant vibrant and engaged community around its platform, giving sense of belonging and ownership among its users. It incentivise user engagement through rewards programs, referral programs, and other creative initiatives.

Empowered by a massive community, Ultron stands ready to conquer the world. Ultron Foundation is today the planet’s fastest-growing layer-1 blockchain and we are proud to be in partnership with them.

MaVie will help Ultron plan to reach new users and enter different markets, by giving insights-that cater to specific regions and languages. Doing so, they will grow their user base and make their product more accessible to people around the world. Together, they’re making their vision a reality. For more information please visit:

Get more information, facts and figures about MaVie Global, click here for the MaVie Global overview.

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