Juice Plus+ Appoints Travis Garza As CEO

Leading global health and wellness company, Juice Plus+, has announced today that Travis Garza has been appointed as Global Chief Executive Officer (CEO). A veteran in the industry, Garza has two decades of experience driving strategy, growth, and innovation within leading direct sales and health and wellness companies.

Travis is joining Juice Plus+ from Plexus Worldwide, where he served as President of Global Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success, responsible for driving strategy, new growth, and innovation. Prior to Plexus Worldwide, he held key leadership positions in global health and wellness organizations, such as Kyani, Isagenix, and Melaleuca.

With more than 20 years of direct selling and network marketing experience in 27 countries, Travis has been pivotal in helping businesses surpass sales targets, with two approaching nearly one billion in annual revenues.

With nearly one million customers and over 200,000 independent Sales Partners around the world, Juice Plus+ has been innovating in the health and wellness industry, for example, with the launch of its Fruit and Vegetable Blend Capsules 30 years ago – starting as a small direct sales business and growing to a global company, inspiring healthy living in 27 countries. Its mission has been unchanged since its inception, and nothing excites the company more than having a lasting and positive influence on the quality and health of people’s lives.

Travis will be predominantly focused on driving global orders through new business, igniting excitement in the sales field, and onboarding new sales Partners while expanding product innovation. In July, he will meet the global Juice Plus+ Team in their Collierville, Tennessee headquarters, and European offices initiating a 90-day immersion of the company.

New Global CEO of Juice Plus+, Travis Garza, comments:

“The work that Juice Plus+ does quite literally changes the lives of people all around the world – not many other companies can claim that – that’s why I’m delighted that I can now call Juice Plus+ home.

I look forward to becoming part of the important mission of inspiring healthy living around the world and meeting with the Sales Partners who are some of the most inspiring and impressive in the direct sales industry. That, coupled with the leading product innovation in the health and wellness industry, will allow me to drive Juice Plus+ to its next level of growth in FY24 and beyond.”

Juice Plus+ Founder and Chairman Jay Martin said:

“Travis is passionate about our mission of healthy living and knows firsthand the importance of community in our work. His commitment to expanding upon our original vision is clear. I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Travis as we continue to help people around the world lead healthier lifestyles.”

Travis will start his role as Global CEO of Juice Plus+ on July 1st. He succeeds Jay Thompson, who previously served as the Juice Plus+ Interim Global CEO, and Stuart Kronauge, who left Juice Plus+ earlier this year.

About Juice Plus+ 

The Juice Plus+ Company is a global health and wellness company with a mission to inspire healthy living around the world. It operates in more than 27 markets globally and is supported by a mission-driven community of over 200,000 independent sales Partners and nearly one million customers.

Juice Plus+ is committed to making healthy living easier with plant-based nutritional products that are as close to nature as possible and with a supportive, healthy lifestyle community. Juice Plus+ products include Juice Plus+ Essentials Capsules (Fruit Blend, Vegetable Blend, Berry Blend, Omega Blend), Juice Plus+ Omega Blend, Juice Plus+ Soft Chewables (Fruit Blend & Vegetable Blend, Berry Blend) Complete by Juice Plus+, and Juice Plus+ Perform. www.JuicePlus.com

Get more information, facts and figures about Juice Plus+, click here for the Juice Plus+ overview.

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