QNET Introduces K-12 Curriculum, Designed for Young Learners Everywhere

QNET, a global lifestyle and wellness-focused direct selling company, is revolutionizing the way children learn with the launch of its K-12 curriculum through QLearn, its e-learning portfolio.

This innovative curriculum incorporates visual-based questions, games, and videos, making it engaging and fun for kids to learn at their own pace, in the comfort of their homes.

Students from Grades 6 to 12 can now access over 10,000 practice questions, quizzes, and games, as well as 2,000 plus animated video solutions to textbook questions, primarily focusing on STEM subjects. 

“We want to make education easily accessible for kids worldwide, beyond the bounds of their school grounds or learning centre,”

says Berni Gaksch, Category Manager of QNET’s Education portfolio.

“Our classes are designed to provide students with blended learning, a form of virtual education that supplements rather than supplants face-to-face classes in school.

This helps kids get the most out of their schooling experience – enabling them to participate more in school activities and interact with their peers while still ensuring they can brush up on their studies anytime.”

In 2022, 1.38 billion learners – including primary, secondary, and tertiary education levels – were impacted by school closures worldwide, driving an urgent need for a new digital education model.

As a result, the World Economic Forum reports that online learning services, such as QLearn, are becoming the preferred method of study as they can ease the logistical burden on students, caretakers, and educators and provide flexibility to students as they can learn at their own pace from anywhere in the world.

The addition of K-12 lessons represents a massive boost in the number of quality educational resources available through QLearn’s learning library. With QLearn’s K-12 curriculum, children can enjoy learning in various ways, including games and videos, which will help keep them engaged and focused.

The study materials, created in collaboration with seasoned educators and professionals in the field of education, serve as a valuable review of school subjects, reinforcing the concepts and helping students gain a competitive advantage in the classroom.

Utilizing a digital medium for studying also offers the added benefit of enabling parents and teachers to easily track students’ progress and assess their results by simply reviewing the completed courses. This streamlined approach ensures a clear measurement of advancement and outcomes.

“My twelve-year-old son loves QLearn’s K-12 courses,”

says Noor Ali from Egypt, who purchased QLearn’s K-12 curriculum earlier this year.

“Science is one of the toughest subjects for him at school, but after he started using QLearn, we saw a great jump in his grades!

He loves that the platform incorporates games, activities, and even puzzles to keep things interesting, and it helps him recall information better too.

He recently told me that he looked forward to learning other subjects on QLearn, which was a pleasant surprise for my wife and I.”

QNET is committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers to help them live a more holistic life, giving them more choice in how they grow personally and professionally. The launch of its K-12 curriculum allows parents to give their children an experience that not only helps them academically but also improves their learning process. Currently, QLearn’s K-12 curriculum is offered in English, with plans to expand the language choices and learning material in the future.

For more information on QLearn, please visit www.myqlearn.org

About QNET

QNET is a prominent lifestyle and wellness company that uses a direct selling business model to offer a wide selection of exclusive products that enable individuals to embrace a healthier, more balanced life. Established in 1998, QNET marks 25 years of making an impact around the world through its product offerings and e-commerce-powered business model, in 2023. 

QNET proudly holds memberships in the Direct Selling Association in several countries, the Hong Kong Health Food Association, the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, and more. QNET is also active in several global sports sponsorships including in its role as the official direct selling partner of the Manchester City Football Club and the Confederation of African Football (CAF), underscoring its commitment to excellence and global reach.  

To learn more about QNET and its mission of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, please visit www.qnet.net.

Get more information, facts and figures about QNet, click here for the QNet overview.

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