Dawn Flaherty: How She Rose To The Top At Arieyl

Dawn Flaherty, leading with a simple perspective and a powerful message”

 So many find it challenging to believe their voice will have an impact without having gone through consistent heartbreak and challenge. That you must have a troubled past; to be able to connect with those around you. Dawn Flaherty is just that person, she doesn’t have a dark past to share with the masses, the beauty in her story comes from the simplicity of it all.

Growing up in Minnesota, she never felt like she would stand out in any way leading to a “standard” upbringing in her own eyes. In a sea of people, she saw herself as just another swimmin’ amongst the school of fish. However, if you ask anyone about how they see Dawn, their perspective is far different.

Kyle her husband of thirteen years, has perhaps the best perspective on his loving wife. He sees her as the leader and inspiration she is. The duo shares a podcast finding life’s truth as bleak as they may be. That is the foundation of their marriage, clarity in the simplicity of being the real you towards one another.

Dawn and Kyle opted to move from humble Minnesota to beautiful sunny Long Beach. Not Miami but Mississippi, again showcasing the beauty in simplicity. You don’t need to move to the southernmost point to see a gorgeous beachfront. With the correct perspective, they saw the future of white sand beaches while remaining much closer to killer barbeque and the birthplace of the American music scene.

“I’m a very boring person Jaycee, I will not lie to you.” – Dawn

If Dawn went on to lead her life as just another face in the crowd; she could not have been able to lose over 60 pounds through Arieyl. Consistently being at the top of enrollment leaderboards since she joined Arieyl in November 2020, thanks to her and her team Amplified Blessings growing multiple top earners and amassing a following of nearly 100k on TikTok.

She builds her team on the foundation of the authenticity of our lives and being your truest version of yourself.

Team Amplified Blessings is all about community and driving togetherness. Dawn and her team are filled with yellow personality types for those out there who want to strive to uplift and support their fellow Rockstars.

Dawn earned her double rock bonus for becoming the leadership rank of diamond, while consistently climbing the leaderboard with her team growing thanks to viral social media campaigns adding over 300 new enrollments in July alone.

Their mission is to help change lives and help you strive towards becoming your highest self through healthy living and loving what you do. For those of you reading this, searching for a place to feel like you belong, with Dawn and her team, you are wanted, needed, appreciated, and will always be seen and acknowledged.

“Standing side by side with Dawn through her transformation from a wallflower. Into this amazing force she has become has been the best experience in my life; to watch my best friend, true love, and mentor in this business win while never being anything but her authentic, beautiful, vulnerable self online and off.

That is all the proof this skeptical husband needed to see, to know anyone can do this by consistently showing up as the best version of themself. It’s amazing, it sold me”

said Kyle Flaherty.

Dawn aspires to show you that with the correct outlook and a simple change in mindset, you have a story and a voice worth listening to. That you may still inspire and reach others; while living a life not too dissimilar from most, pushing herself and encouraging those around her to pursue their highest self.

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