John and Najlah Malott Achieves 50K Rank at MyDailyChoice

MyDailyChoice is excited to announce that John and Najlah Malott have earned the rank of 50K and congratulate them for reaching this lucrative achievement.

Residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, John and Najlah Malott joined MyDailyChoice on June 1, 2023 and through hard work and dedication, they have grown their team and customer base to be a profitable direct-selling business. 

The product that John, Najlah, and their team sell the most of is O’Snap Core 4.  As one of the products on the MyDailyChoice Marketplace, John and his team focus on the benefits of bringing highly absorbable vegan, sugar free, liquid supplements to the market.

Delivered in revolutionary convenient snap packs! Just snap and go! The O’Snap Core 4 product bundle helps customers get better sleep, have sustainable energy, boost their immune system, and attack aging from a DNA level.

“The thing that excites me most about MyDailyChoice is the technology driving the company and the global reach of the company.”,

explains John Malott. When asked what the secret is to their success, he replied,

“The development and the care of our #1 resource: People. Creating an incredible community of like- minded entrepreneurs. A culture of we and not I. This has allowed us to be able to transform minds, bodies, and bank accounts.” 

MyDailyChoice looks forward to seeing the continued growth and success of John and Najlah Malott and their team.

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