MyDailyChoice Introduces Newest Brand Partner, FLABuLESS Enterprises, Into The MDC Marketplace

FLABuLESS Enterprises brings a fresh perspective to the world of wellness, with a diverse range of products designed to empower your journey toward a healthier and more vibrant life. They stand committed to delivering products that yield impressive results.

FLABuLESS offers a variety of wellness products designed to support weight management, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and promote a youthful appearance.

Whether you’re focused on weight management, smoother skin, or simply boosting your vitality, they have crafted something truly special for you. FLABuLESS dedication to addressing your needs aligns perfectly with our mission at MyDailyChoice. 

Their mission is to provide revolutionary solutions that cater to high demand, affordability, and remarkable outcomes. Some of their flagship products include Get Waisted Total Body Rub, Booty Pop Derriere Enhancement Gel, Collagen + C Plus, and Life Fat Burner.

FLABuLESS Enterprises Founder, Tari Spear, says,

“I’m excited about this partnership because of MDC’s industry expertise and global presence.

By joining forces, we can tap into new markets, access a broader customer base, and expand our reach beyond what we could have achieved individually.

This means exciting possibilities for growth, and a chance to make a significant impact in the wellness industry.” 

Customer Felicia J Starks, says, 

“Although I work out regularly, my derriere wasn’t growing as I expected it to, so I tried the Booty Pop Derriere Enhancement Gel and applied ice twice a day (morning and before bed) consistently.

I took pictures weekly to compare my before pictures with my progress pictures. Around the 4th week, I noticed a big difference in my before picture and 4-week picture.

love the plumpness that I’ve developed, and it’s also helped with reducing the appearance of cellulite on the front and back of my legs.”

Customer, Danitra Lampkin, says,

“I absolutely love this product. I have been using it for four months now and my booty is more firm and visibly lifted.

I use it for the cellulite on my thighs and legs. I love how nice and smooth they are becoming.

I never liked to wear shorts because I thought my legs were ugly. Now I wear shorts all the time. I will continue using my Booty Pop Gel for even better results.”

We invite you to dive into the MDC Marketplace and discover the incredible range of FLABuLESS products that are now at your fingertips.

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