Joshua Amotsuka Achieves 50K Rank at MyDailyChoice

MyDailyChoice is proud to announce that Joshua Amotsuka has earned the rank of 50K and congratulates him for reaching this achievement in less than 90 days

Residing in Delta State Nigeria, Joshua joined MyDailyChoice in June 2023 and through hard work and dedication, Joshua has grown his team and customer base to be a profitable direct-selling business. 

The product that Joshua and his team sell the most of is Fuel Factor X (FFX). As one of the products on the MyDailyChoice Marketplace, Joshua and his team focus on the benefits of FFX being a comprehensive fuel treatment.

It allows the consumer to save money on gas, drive further, and protect the planet. Other competitive products may have one or two of our components, but none have all of them. It would take many products mixed together to even come close to giving you the same benefits as using FFX.

So, we asked Joshua a couple questions about his excitement for MyDailyChoice.

“The thing that excites me most about MyDailyChoice is seeing people being able to completely change their stories financially”,

explains Joshua. When asked what the secret is to success, he replied,

“Without God’s grace, I wouldn’t have seen the opportunity at the time I did, and even if I did, I may not have recognized it for what it is.

I also believe being intentional about my mindset, nurturing an unshakable belief in God, my ability to achieve any goal, belief in the company, the product, having a great leader and mentor like Robert Hollis, working with a great team and doing my best to lead by example in bringing a work ethic that matches what I’m believing for have contributed to my results.” 

MyDailyChoice looks forward to seeing the continued growth and success of Joshua and his amazing team. 

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