MyDailyChoice Introduces Newest Brand Partner Proceller8, Into the MDC Marketplace

MyDailyChoice is proud to introduce Proceller8 to the MDC Marketplace. 

Proceller8 products cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re an athlete, a busy professional, or seeking to improve your health and wellbeing, their range of products has got you covered.

They pride themselves on their products, which are meticulously crafted using proprietary blends that are exclusive. 

Their focus on producing quality products is unwavering, as they are driven by the desire to deliver outstanding results. Proceller8 is committed to excellence, sustainability, and making a positive impact in the world.

“I’m excited to collaborate with MDC because we share a passion for innovation.

With Marketplace, we’re revolutionizing business connections and growth, while also welcoming Proceller8 Affiliates into the vibrant MDC system and community.”

– Jaci Leitgeb, Founder of Proceller8

Mission: To allow Affiliates the ability to confidently share powerful products and an incredible brand while providing the highest quality customer service available. Proceller8 desires to reward those entrepreneurs who have hearts for serving others.

Customer Reviews:

“Wanted to share with my night owl friends my new favorite product we sell. What I have noticed about this product is my sleep pattern.

I sleep throughout the night and fall into a deep sleep.

When I forget to take it, I wake up several times throughout the night and I sure don’t go into a deep sleep. Who has trouble getting a good night’s sleep? I might have something that will help you”,

says Tina Barbosa

“Charge is the start of every day for me.  Within a few minutes after drinking, I am tackling a busy day with both the physical and mental energy to move through my day in a productive way. 

I find myself thinking ahead and knocking things off my “to do” list AND did I say, it is very tasty!”,

says Norma Gillespie 

About MyDailyChoice 

MyDailyChoice is a marketplace where you can discover new brands, shop for your favorite products, and empower your entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by two dynamic entrepreneurs, Josh & Jenna Zwagil, who had a desire to empower individuals by eliminating obstacles and fostering positive change. For more information, please visit

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