The APLGO Connection Tour in Latin America

October 2023 marked a milestone for APLGO Latin America with the APL Connection Tour. Sergey Kulikov, president, founder and sole owner of APLGO GLOBAL, began a journey through four emblematic cities of our continent, sowing the essence and purpose of the brand at each stop.

The tour began in Cali, Colombia, on October 4. The Spirito Spiwak hotel witnessed the vibrant energy and connection that formed between Sergey and the attendees. It was not just a business conference, but a meeting of hearts and minds sharing a common purpose.

On October 11, Guayaquil, Ecuador, at the Mall del Sol hotel, became the next stop. The response was overwhelming, reflecting the immense passion that the Ecuadorian community feels for APLGO.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was not far behind. On October 15, the Catalonia Hotel resounded with stories of success, learning and growth. Finally, on October 18, Lima, Peru, at the Costa del Sol Hotel, closed this master tour with a flourish.

Attendance exceeded all expectations. More than 1000 people congregated in these events, which generated the “happy problem” of having to place more chairs or even have people standing. However, this small inconvenience only underscored the great demand and enthusiasm for the brand in Latin America.

Accompanying Sergey on this trip was Elias Reyes, who recently rose to the rank of International Director. His presence strengthened the message of growth and the possibilities APLGO offers to those who are passionate about it. Anna Bogankova, with her vast linguistic skills, acted as a bridge between Sergey and the attendees, ensuring that the message was conveyed clearly and accurately at each event.

APLGO LATAM corporate staff were also present, consolidating the relationship between the parent company and the region, and demonstrating the company’s commitment to its Latin American community.

The commercial impact was remarkable, with sales exceeding 40% of what was projected. But beyond the numbers, what really stood out was the human connection. Sergey shared closely with the Independent Associates, allowing them to feel his energy, passion and vision. This approach strengthened the bonds between the APLGO community and his leadership.

For the attendees, the tour not only provided them with tools and knowledge, but also allowed them to connect more deeply with the APLGO culture and business plan. Commitment was renewed, and many left with a determination to build a lasting legacy with APLGO for generations to come.

In short, the APL Connection Tour not only strengthened APLGO’s presence in Latin America, but also reinforced the community’s trust and commitment to the company. One month, four cities, but one heart and one purpose: to build a promising future together.


APLGO is an 11-year-old company which began expansion in the US, LatAm and Philippines in the last two years. APLGO features a category creator product “Rapid DNA Lozenges” and a compensation plan that pays out 63% on the dollar.

Our experienced corporate team is dedicated to the success of our associates led owner Sergei Kulikov, a successful, international network marketing leader. Our head office consists of six departments and sixteen divisions, with 14 global warehouses and more to come. We consult with top-tier providers to ensure every aspect of the business is solid and scalable. For more information, please visit

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