Top Leaders Garrett & Sylvia McGrath Join Bravenly Global

Bravenly Global, founded in December 2020, is happy to announce that industry power couple Garrett McGrath and Sylvia McGrath have joined as Brand Partners building in the field, and they also have a Special Advisor role.

“It is a blessing to have the unparalleled wisdom and exceptional leadership of Garrett and Sylvia McGrath together with us here, building Bravenly. We are thrilled the McGraths have chosen to make Bravenly their home,”

said CEO/Founder Aspen Emry.

With a career in direct selling that spans more than 30 years, Garrett McGrath is a respected leader with a profound understanding of the industry and its needs. He has built field organizations of more than 150,000 distributors in 21 countries, with many hundreds of thousands of customers.

He has been a Master Distributor for four companies, and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, leadership trainer, inspirational coach, mentor and team-builder.

Recently Garrett served on the corporate executive team of a publicly-traded network marketing company for three years, helping them grow to over $130 million in annual sales, and serving as CEO and President.

Garrett is a passionate advocate for the future of the profession. Since 2012, Garrett has also served as President of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP), the premier non-profit association (501C-6) elevating and uniting Network Marketing professionals.

Sylvia McGrath has 30 years of top-flight marketing experience, having served as corporate Vice President of Marketing for a network marketing company, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a design firm with Fortune 500 clientele.

From 2019-2022, Sylvia was also the Chief Experience Officer for a publicly-traded network marketing company. Sylvia has also served the ANMP in various roles over the past decade, including the Events & Education Committee Chairman and in Marketing Communications, Convention Website Development and Membership Support.

Garrett has been a regular contributor to industry-wide educational conferences, such as Direct Selling University, Ray & Jessica Higdon’s Rank Makers Live / Faith Over Fear, the European Direct Selling Congress, and the annual international ANMP Convention.

They are featured in numerous books, podcasts and industry publications, such as Direct Selling NewsDirect Approach, Social Selling News, The Four Year Career, The Greatest Networkers in the World, Networking Times, Legacy Leadership and Business For Home.

Garrett and Sylvia McGrath shared:

“It’s energizing and fun to be back in the field again, building together with great friends. It’s so important to be partnered with the right people – owners and team leaders we can trust, people of faith and integrity whom we enjoy working with.

After we were let go without cause last year, we looked at 40 different companies, roles, and situations that we were offered. It took us many months to make this decision. Our due diligence ultimately led us to Bravenly.”

“We started by trying the products, and we were so impressed with the results! The online community for customers is the best we’ve ever seen, and the customer re-order rate was also the highest. Many leaders that are starting to build here are among the best social marketers in the industry; the tools and systems to build a massive business were already in place.”

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CEO/Founder Aspen Emry said:

“Bravenly grew by 700% in 2022, and our growth in 2023 already has been exponential. Together with all our amazing field leaders, we will take 2024 to record-breaking new heights and positively impact tens of thousands of lives.”

About Bravenly

Bravenly Global provides a superior suite of healthy, crave-able lifestyle products that produce results, re-orders and a ripple-effect, paired with a generous, multi-faceted, revolutionary compensation plan, and supported by unmatched tools and training for modern social marketers. Whether you’re joining as a Customer, an Ambassador (affiliate), a brand new Brand Partner, or a proven industry leader, Bravenly offers unmatched value, rewards and success at every level.

Privately-owned, debt-free, and dedicated to transparency, integrity, faith, fun and family values, Bravenly Global is dedicated to its mission of positive impact and growth in countless lives across North America. To learn more, visit

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