MKX Network’s Jessica Green: Super Powers To Super Profits

In a compelling interview, Jessica Green, the inspiring Vice President of Education of MKX Network, discusses her upcoming book, the pivotal role of digital technology, and her entrepreneurial journey.

Her purpose is to inspire individuals to find their superpowers and turn their passion into a profitable business, aligning with MKX Network’s commitment to education and empowerment for true wealth.

Expected in early 2024, Jessica Green’s highly anticipated book, “Super Powers to Super Profits,” opens a gateway to financial freedom and flexible entrepreneurship. Jessica states:

“I wrote Super Powers to Super Profits to help female online entrepreneurs understand that we all have superpowers within us that can be used to create or scale a business online.”

The book offers practical insights and encourages readers to tap into their strengths and navigate the digital business landscape. Focusing on technology, systems, and strategies provides a comprehensive guide to building a professional, automated, and scalable online business.

Integrating Super Power Principles into MKX Network

Discussing the significance of digital technology in network marketing, Jessica Green points out the outdated practices prevalent in the industry and the lack of technology-driven solutions, contributing to negative perceptions. She praises MKX Network for developing advanced technology tools specific to network marketing, positioning the company ahead of competitors, and addressing the need for improved tools.

“MKX Network is creating the best tech tools I’ve ever seen for their field. It will set this company apart and further ahead of any competition because they’re equipping the field with tools that have been needed for a decade to keep up with other industries.”

As the VP of Education at MKX Network and the visionary behind Self-Made Hub, Jessica seamlessly integrates the principles from her book into MKX Network’s educational programs. The same technology and strategies discussed in the book are applied to streamline, automate, and enhance the MKX Academy platform and content, offering entrepreneurs courses in personal, business, and financial development.

Jessica affirms:

“I am taking the same principles and strategies I talk about in the book and not only using the same technology and strategies to streamline, automate, and build our MKX Academy content and platform but also teaching those inside our academy platform in courses anyone can take.”

This integration ensures that aspiring business owners gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and methodologies, setting them up for success in the dynamic digital landscape.

Overcoming Obstacles and Empowering Women

Reflecting on her journey from a runaway teen to a thriving business leader, Jessica shares pivotal moments that shaped her entrepreneurial mindset. Her ability to overcome obstacles and refusal to accept defeat became her superpower.

Recognizing early on that she needed to be her own boss, she embarked on an adventure that led to the successful launch and operation of eight businesses. When asked how she balances multiple ventures and family, Jessica responds:

“Time management, no excuses, execute quickly, and work efficiently.”

Her commitment to empowering women resonates in her roles at MKX Network and Self-Made Hub, where she envisions becoming a glowing example for women, showcasing that they can excel in various domains.

“I want women to have a shining example that they, too, can have it all. They can sit at the big tables, contribute to the big platforms, own businesses, write books, create content, and have their family too.”

Jessica’s journey and her upcoming book align with a broader mission of empowerment and education, in sync with MKX Network’s mission to “Educate and Empower Humanity toward True Wealth.” Her insights and strategies shape her own successful ventures and serve as a framework for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to unleash their superpowers in the dynamic world of online business.

About MKX Network

MKX Network has taken a significant step toward its mission. Through its diverse offerings, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence, MKX Network is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals seeking financial empowerment. To learn more about MKX Network and its innovative products, visit our website at and join the movement towards financial empowerment.

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