RIMAN Village: RIMAN’s Commitment to Global Success

Within just 5 years of operation, following its opening in 2018, RIMAN has become the #1 Sponsored Direct Selling company in South Korea and the #22 Direct Selling company worldwide.

Its influence quickly became global as RIMAN opened in the North America and Taiwan markets. As RIMAN continues to share its innovation and opportunity worldwide, RIMAN demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to investing in the success of its global community of Planners by introducing the grand opening of “RIMAN Village,” its very own 5-star resort.

Nestled along the pristine east coast of UNESCO heritage site, Jeju Island, RIMAN Village isn’t simply a place to stay; it’s an immersive experience designed to embody the essence of the RIMAN story and give current and new distributors a place to connect with RIMAN’s heritage home base. It’s RIMAN’s story brought to life.

RIMAN’s Chairman, Mr. Ahn initiated this visionary endeavor with the aim of providing RIMAN Planners a space to fully immerse themselves in the brand, strengthen team bonds, and enjoy rewards in an exclusive and luxurious environment.

Boasting nine meticulously designed, 3-bedroom villas, RIMAN Village reflects the brand’s essence at every turn. The property features exceptional amenities, including a pool named after RIMAN’s star nutrition product line, Lifening, three Jacuzzis, a pool-side lounge, a café, and a spa offering services using RIMAN’s heritage ingredient, Jeju Lava Energy Water, and personal care line, botalab.

RIMAN Village 2023

To underscore RIMAN Village as a place for teams to reconnect and strategize for the future, the property also includes a fully equipped auditorium for up to 200 guests.

To celebrate this momentous unveiling, RIMAN North America hosted its first incentive trip for over 50 top Planners at RIMAN Village shortly after its ribbon cutting. RIMAN Village’s inaugural guests were treated to a thoughtfully curated itinerary designed to offer them a deeper understanding of the RIMAN story and to set precedent for the visits to come.

Throughout the week, Planners visited awe-inspiring sites of RIMAN’s heritage ingredients, all while enjoying the gorgeous landscapes and fine cuisine that Jeju has to offer, accompanied by top RIMAN Executives, such as Chairman Ahn, CEO KJ Kim and General Manager of North America, Betty Perez.

Planners were granted exclusive access to ASK Base, RIMAN’s premier research and innovation facilities, to tour the Smart Farm where the hero ingredient, Giant BYoungPool, is cultivated, and learn about how Jeju Lava Energy Water is extracted for maximized skin benefits.

RIMAN Village Jeju Island

Each year, Planners starting at the rank of Director from all of RIMAN’s global markets will have the opportunity to earn time at RIMAN Village, experiencing the beauty of Jeju Island and RIMAN’s heritage ingredient story.

The opening of RIMAN Village stands as a symbol of both RIMAN’s commitment to the empowerment and recognition of its community of Planners, and of RIMAN’s vision for a global brand and opportunity.


RIMAN is committed to self-care products based on eastern practices of holistic well-being, emphasizing the importance of slowing down and honoring oneself. Their patented technology has innovatively combined this ancient Korean skincare tradition with rare, sustainably sourced ingredients from Jeju Island to create “a difference you’ll love.” Their best-selling K-Beauty skincare line is scientifically-backed and designed to cleanse, hydrate, and protect the skin for a natural, radiant glow.

In addition, their product lines Botalab and Lifening offer unprecedented
results in personal care and nutrition with gut health and collagen products. Since its establishment in 2018, RIMAN has generated over $2 billion in revenue through more than 400,000 Beauty Planners, sold over 30,000,000 units under 13 patents, and won over 28 awards. Their products are a beautiful combination of tradition and innovation, powered by liposome technology, and comprise the “RIMAN Ritual.”

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