4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs are Cashing in with Neora

The direct selling industry has always attracted those with an entrepreneurial spirit that allows them to write their own rules in life.

With the global direct selling market on pace to reach $328 billion by 2030, there’s plenty of room for anyone with the dream to achieve outside the box.

Neora has always been an optimal choice for those dreamers who want to improve their lives through passion, perseverance and positivity. From side hustlers to microentrepreneurs to relationship marketers, more people are choosing Neora for their opportunity to better themselves while helping others along the way. 

Here are four reasons why entrepreneurs are cashing in with Neora:

It’s Personal

Direct selling is all about building relationships. The personal approach that direct selling offers is much more people-focused and less about soulless transactions. Neora’s mission is to make people better through life-enhancing skin care, hair care and wellness products.

Many Brand Partners start out as Preferred Customers themselves, so they know firsthand the amazing results that Neora’s clean-meets-performance products can provide. Backed by the latest science and the highest quality ingredients nature has to offer, Neora’s transformative products help people look and feel their best, which builds a foundation of trust between Brand Partners and their customers. 

No Store, No Problem

The beauty of running a Neora business is that technology and social media can be leveraged to reach a broader customer base without having to keep inventory on hand or pay for a storefront. Because Neora’s business model fully embraces e-commerce, products can be drop-shipped to anywhere in the world and all marketing and analytics are kept in a digital back office.

All business is conducted safely and efficiently online. By streamlining these tasks, Brand Partners are free to do what they do best, which is to provide their customers with personalized service and to give knowledgeable recommendations about the leading-edge, age-defying beauty and wellness products they provide.  

Low Costs, Big Rewards

A major obstacle for any aspiring “be-your-own-boss” type is finding enough capital to get their business off the ground. Neora understands the importance of empowering all people who want to take control of their financial future and to live life on their own terms. Neora offers some of the lowest startup costs in the industry.

This is designed to level the playing field and to keep costs manageable, so people from all walks of life can have an open door to success. What’s more, Neora’s compensation package is attainable from day one with the ability to earn commissions, bonuses and other perks early on.

Culture Club

Entrepreneurs flourish in environments that provide more meaning and purpose to their lives. This not only fuels their determination to make a real difference in the world but also motivates them to continue their path of personal and professional growth. Neora just isn’t just a business; it’s a lifestyle company that allows people to be their best selves.

Through inspirational support, expert training, and a positive atmosphere, Neora’s culture is comprised of a worldwide community that encourages each other and celebrates wins together. As a global leader in happiness, Neora’s sister company Live Happy provides the latest tips and tools on how to live a happier life, which is a precursor to success.  

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Thrives At Neora

Neora started in 2011 as a family business with one goal in mind: Make People Better. Through transformative anti-aging products that provide real results and a unique business model that fits any lifestyle, the industry leader has generated $2 billion in cumulative sales and its Brand Partners have earned hundreds of millions in commissions. It’s this formula for success that has attracted entrepreneurs from all over the world to bet on themselves and create their own Neora opportunity.

About Neora

Based in Dallas, TX, Neora is a global relationship marketing company with age-fighting products crafted from cutting-edge research and science. Founded in 2011, Neora has shattered industry sales records while developing a strong customer base in North America, Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. Neora is committed to providing an excellent product line based in real science and providing its Independent Brand Partners with a life-changing and outstanding business opportunity through relationship marketing. For more information, please visit: neora.com.

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